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Sam Abuelsamid and the Blue Cruise (Part 2)

Sam Abuelsamid

Episode 1824

Sam joins Leo to talk about Ford's second-generation driving assist software called "Blue Cruise." Level 2 means the system is capable of performing steering and speed control, but the driver still must be alert to take over should the need develop. So no crawling in the back seat. Blue Cruise is a hands-off system, like Chevy's Super Cruise, but they are limited to divided highways. Ford has about 130,000 miles of divided highways mapped, while GM has around 200,000. No stop signs or traffic lights. That also means no cruising on city streets. 

Can My Computer Handle More Than One 4K Monitor?

Dual Link DVI

Episode 1822

Gary from Cheektowaga, NY

Gary has a computer with a gaming video card to connect multiple monitors. Can he use three 4K monitors or a QuadHD monitor? Leo says it doesn't matter. Modern video cards can display 4k with no problems, even in HDMI. You can also add a monitor through the display port. What is dual-link DVI? Leo says that was something they came up with for the Display port to drive higher resolution monitors.  But HDMI can handle 4K now, so that doesn't matter. 

Is My Chromebook Safe to Use if It Doesn’t Get Updated Anymore?


Episode 1822

Anne from Studio City, CA

Anne wants to know why her Chromebook isn't getting updates anymore. And can she keep using it? Leo says that the older your Chromebook is, the more likely Google will stop updating it. But it'll be fine for a while. Chrome is very secure. The issue though will be if your browser is still updated. If your Chromebook is one of the first, and as such, its end of life, then it may be time to get a new one.

Sam Abuelsamid and the Recalled Bolt

Sam Abuelsamid

Episode 1822

Sam joins Leo to talk about the recent Chevy Bolt recall. This isn't the first recall that Chevy has faced of the Bolt's battery having the potential to catch fire. Seven fires triggered the recall. Sam says there are suggested settings to prevent your car battery from overcharging. Including not charging it over 90% or deep discharging it. Read the recall notice for details. Also, GM recommends parking your car away from your house just in case.