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Can I Still Get a Music Player?

SanDisk Clip Sport Go

Episode 1850

Tom from Medina, GA

Tom has a special needs daughter who is legally blind. She listens to music on a music player, and she needs a new one. What's a good, yet durable model, that isn't too expensive? Leo says that the Sandisk Clip is great because it uses flash memory and is very robust. And at $39, it's a bargain.

Tom also wants to learn more about backing up his photos. Leo recommends dpbestflow.org and look under "best practices" for the 3-2-1 backup strategy. You basically want to backup your photos with three copies, two different forms of media, and one off-site.

How Can I Stop My Laptop Trackpad From Picking up My Palm Movements as I Type?

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 460

Episode 1850

Louis from San Diego, CA

Louis recently ordered the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 460 laptop. He's heard that the trackpad has issues with being confused with the palm of your hand when it types. Leo says that Reddit is a great resource, but it can also be a rumor mill. If it is happening, it's called "palm rejection," and Leo suspects any issues will probably be fixed in a driver update. But Leo also says it could be fixed by the actual maker of the trackpad - probably Synaptics. So be patient and don't worry about what is obviously a bug. The driver will be updated pretty quickly.

How Can I Get My Laptop to Run Faster After Dropping It?

SanDisk SSD

Episode 1850

Cedra from Laguna Beach, CA

Cedra dropped her computer recently, and now it's running really slow.  She ran the "chkdsk" utility from the command line, and now it's running a little faster, but not by much. Leo says that the laptop probably has a spinning hard drive, and when Cedra dropped it, her hard drive platter was probably damaged by the head that reads it. However, it's possible that it's "soft damage," which can be caused if the hard drive is being read and the head was jostled, causing the head to write "word salad" on it as it was writing. Both can be fixed, but hard damage is going to be tougher.

Sam Abuelsamid and Audio Automotive

Sam Abuelsamid

Episode 1850

Sam wants to talk about  Android Automotive, which is different from the Android Auto Audio system. Android Auto is an audio-controlled interface for your audio system that interacts with your mobile device. Android Automotive, by contrast, is released on your car. It runs your car's infotainment computer directly, so your phone doesn't have to act as a middle man. You can install new apps or add Google's automotive services, which include maps, Gmail, and more. 

Can I Get a Security Camera for My Car?

Garmin Dash Cam

Episode 1850

Jamie from Hollywood, CA

Jamie wants to get a security camera for his car.  He's heard of tri-cameras, which look ahead, behind, and all around. Leo says that cameras are cheap and easy to add, but Leo also says they will be included in future car models.  The easiest to get is a dashcam that shows the driver's front angle. Leo has the Owl camera. It went out of business but then was purchased and brought back. But Leo doesn't know if it still has the same great features.  But if it does, it'll record any event and immediately upload it to the cloud.

The Giz Wiz and the Nightcap

The Giz Wiz

Episode 1849

Dickie D has a great gadget for the ladies. It’s the NightCap Scrunchie, a dual functional scrunchie that can be used to cover most cups and glasses to prevent pills and powders from being dropped into a drink. It was invented by a girl to help protect against someone at a bar attempting date rape by using drugs in a drink. A woman simply wears the NightCap on her wrist or in her hair until needed. When ready, pull the drink cover out of the hidden scrunchie pocket, place it over a drink, pop in a straw, and enjoy!

What 17" Laptop Should I Buy?


Episode 1849

Trevor from Ft. Worth, TX

Trevor is looking to replace his old Dell 17" laptop. He wants one that is very quiet, maybe even fanless. Leo says the real issue with so-called desktop replacements, is that they tend to run hotter and usually require fans. The other trade-off is that the battery life is lower. Dell still sells the XPS 17, but the complaint is, that the fans are always on when charging. The LG Gram also makes a slimmer 17" that could work.  One way to avoid fans is to go with an i5 processor, rather than an i7 or i9.