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Sam Abuelsamid ... under pressure

Episode 1644

Sam joins Leo to talk about tire pressure. When the weather turns colder, tire pressure will drop. Warm air expands, while cold air contracts. So you may find in the wintertime that your tires are under-inflated. If your tires are too low or too high, it can affect the wear of your tire, as well as the handling. It can also cause tire failure as well. So it pays to make sure your tires are properly inflated, be it in hot or cold weather. 

The Giz Wiz ... Happy Home Care

Episode 1644

The Black + Decker with Pria,a new automated medication management system designed for loved ones who desire to maintain independence while staying connected to their families. Pria is a voice-enabled tabletop device that can let caregivers know if loved ones at home have been taking their proper medication. It verifies identification through facial recognition or a PIN code, Pria before dispensing a scheduled dose into the pill cup. There's a back-up battery so the device can work during a blackout. Pria can hold 28 dozes of medication.

How can I record live conversations?

Episode 1644

Jonathan from Pittsburgh, PA

Jonathan wants to record the conversations he has with friends. Leo says that your mobile phones are great for that. You can not only record with decent quality, but you can also trigger it with a smartwatch. Apps include Just Push Record, but every phone has an audio recorder built-in. But remember, you'll need permission from anyone else you're recording. 

Is there a bluetooth controlled smart hub?

Episode 1644

Gary from California

Gary needs to turn off his TMobile modem and reboot it sometimes because it slows down until it's almost unusable. So rebooting it gets it back to high speed. But it will eventually slow down again. Leo says it's a very common problem with routers. Leo thinks it's because the router overheats. You turn it off, then it cools down. But it could also be a crashing modem. Look for a firmware update.

What's a good, affordable computer?

Episode 1644

Elizabeth from Palm Desert, CA

Elizabeth wants to get a new computer, but wants to save money. What budget computer should she look at? Leo says that a Chromebook or a Chromebox is ideal for her because she can use her existing monitors (with the ChromeBox) and it's ideal for most of the things we do today online. Liz doesn't have WiFi though. Leo says that if your computer is next to the modem, that's not really an issue. But you'll be chained to your desk when doing things. That's why a WiFi router/modem combination would be better. 

Apple launches 16" MacBook Pro with the 2015 keyboard returning

Episode 1644

Apple recently announced a new 16" MacBook Pro, which marks the return of the 2015 mechanical keyboard, an escape key, faster processors and a better cooling system. Leo says that it's also a little heavier and thicker, with a better battery. Has Apple been chastened by consumers and are now starting to listen? Leo thinks that may be the case.

Do I have to pay a monthly fee to use a NEST Thermostat?

Episode 1643

Jerry from Hatfield, Pennsylvania

Joe was thinking of getting a NEST thermostat, but he doesn't want to pay a fee. Rich says the only fee you pay is for buying the device. NEST uses WiFi to connect to the internet, where you can control it using your mobile device. But you don't have to pay a subscription fee to use it. Can you control it using your computer? Rich says you should. But the NEST doesn't have to be programmed since it uses machine learning to learn how you want it to operate. Also check with your energy company. NEST also offers a $50 rebate.

Will a Chromebook make a good Christmas gift?

ASUS Chromebook C423NA

Episode 1643

Andy from Richmond, VA

Andy wants to get his granddaughter a Chromebook for Christmas. But he doesn't understand what EMMC storage is. It has 128 GB worth. Rich says that EMMC is basically the same kind of memory that's on your mobile phone. So, it's flash memory. RIch likes the HP i3. It's a pretty good model, great for someone who spends most of their time in the Cloud. In fact, most people are better off with a Chromebook.