Console gaming (XBOX, Playstation, Nintendo, etc) or PC gaming.

What's the Best VR Headset for the Money?

Oculus Quest 2

Episode 1848

Andrew from Ventura, CA

Andrew is into VR. Is the Oculus Quest 2 the best option these days? Leo says that he doesn't like Oculus because you have to have a Facebook account, and if you lose your account, your Oculus becomes a paperweight. This will be changing soon though as you won't be needing a Facebook account in the future to use the Oculus Quest. On the other hand, the HTC Vive requires a hefty computer that's powerful enough to run VR. Headsets are also game-centric, so you want to check to see if the game you want is available on the headset platform.

Is There a Small Factor Gaming Computer I Can Buy for a Small Desk?

Beast Canyon

Episode 1846

John from Southbend, IN

John is looking for a gaming computer with a smaller form factor. He's currently using an Intel NUC because his desk isn't that big. The challenge of the NUC though, is that they are so small, that they can't use higher-end video GPUs. So he won't get discreet graphics on it. There is an Intel NUC model called Beast Canyon that promises to use video cards. Leo recommends an Alienware laptop or the Xbox Series X. It's going to be able to play Microsoft Flight Simulator by next year.

What's a Great Gaming Laptop to Play Video Games?

RTX 3080

Episode 1845

Fletch from Groveland, FL

Fletch wants to get a better gaming laptop so he can beat his son in Call of Duty. He's a soldier based in Germany, and they want to play together online. But he needs a new computer to do it. Leo recommends playing Valheim. It's very adventure-based. So is New World. See if he likes that one. But he will definitely need a decent computer. Leo recommends the Alienware laptops. He can also customize them with discreet graphics GPUs. Get the RTX 3080 if money is no object. 65GB of RAM. 17" display. i9 processor. Pretty sweet machine. It just comes down to budget.

How Can I Play Vintage Video Games on My Mac?


Episode 1845

Billy from San Diego, CA

Billy used to play a lot of 80s/90s video games using an emulator on his Mac. But since he's upgraded to the M1 Mac, he can't seem to get them running. Google has blacklisted the site that he uses. Leo says that MAME is safe, so make sure he's using the right website address. Another is OpenEMU. Leo suspects that Google is giving that warning because using video game ROMs is considered piracy, even though MAME is legal. So they may be considering it piracy for legal reasons. 

What Gaming System Should I Buy for My Son?

Fortnite #1

Episode 1828

Jonathan from Scottsdale, AZ

Jonathan's son wants to graduate from a Nintendo Switch to a gaming desktop. He loves Fortnite. Leo recommends the Asus Republic of Gamers (ROG) system. He bought that for his son not too long ago. Leo also likes the Lenovo Legion. You want to focus more on what your graphics GPU is over the computer CPU. That will do the heavy lifting. And the models they offer at Costco are likely last year's models, ideal for a budget gaming computer. But still doable. You'll want a 60fps system. But don't think that a 4K monitor will give you an edge. Stick with 1080p.

Apple’s Victory Is More of a Tie in Epic Legal Ruling

Epic Games

Episode 1828

Apple declared victory this week as a judge ruled that the app store is not a monopoly, but it fell short in prohibiting Epic from offering sales outside of the app store. The judge ruled that while Apple technically won the argument, Epic has the right to direct their customers to their own website to sell digital assets, thereby avoiding paying Apple a 30% fee on any in-app purchases. But Apple can also ban Epic and Fortnite from the app store, so don't look for the app to return any time soon.

Apple Declares Victory After Judge Rules in Epic Case ... BUT


Episode 1827

A judge ruled in favor of Apple in the Epic app store lawsuit, causing Cupertino to declare victory. In the lawsuit, Apple pulled Fortnite from the app store after the software company pointed mobile users to their own site to buy tokens to play the game. So Fortnite will not return to the app store. HOWEVER, the judge also said that Apple must allow for alternative forms to purchase outside of the App Store. So while Apple won, Epic got what it wanted anyway.

Will Cloud Gaming Replace Consoles?

Xbox Cloud Gaming Services

Episode 1824

Mike B from Piscataway, NJ

Mike B. wants to know if Cloud Gaming is going to spell doom for console gaming. Leo says that the purist thinks that it will never be quite as good as hardware, but Leo thinks that the latency continues to drop to the point that it will at least probably be the end of PC gaming. Especially considering that Microsoft is working towards Windows in the Cloud. Eventually, we may just have terminals that connect online, much like Chromebooks. And if they can do it with gaming, they'll be able to do it with anything.

Zelda Video Game Sells for $870,000


Episode 1811

A sealed copy of the first generation of Zelda sold recently at auction for $870,000. Leo says the story is that the game was never opened after being given as a Christmas present and represents the earliest known copy of the video game, in unopened pristine condition. The sale bypasses the previous record of a sale of Super Mario Brothers, which sold in March for $660,000. Could $1 million be far behind?