What's the Best Remote Desktop Option?


Episode 1823

Renee from Los Angeles, CA

Renee wants a good remote access program to help her mom on her computer. Leo says there's a lot of ways to do it including RemotePC, Team Viewer, Log Me In. There's also an open-source solution called VNC. VNC is a little more complicated though. So go with one of the other options. Leo uses RemotePC with his mom. 

She can even use Zoom. 

What's a good internet speed? Leo says at least 25 megabits down. Especially for streaming. 

Are There Alternatives to Zoom for Video Conferencing?


Episode 1794

Tom from Santa Clara, California

Tom says that when using Zoom, he runs into problems. Leo says that's because everyone is using the network, from education to working from home, and as such, it can get overloaded. Leo recommends Jitsi. It's free and open source. And he can run his own server for calls, as well. He can find others in this article at Computer World. But chances are, he is going to end up back at Zoom. It's largely ubiquitous.

How Can I Record Over 40min on Zoom?


Episode 1794

Steven from Rancho Cuca Monga, CA

Steven recently launched a new podcast called Lord of the Nerds. He's been using Zoom to do interviews, but he's limited to 40 minutes and 720p when he has more than one guest. Is there a 1080p alternative with no limits? He tried AnchorFM, and it was OK. Leo says that unless he can have a compelling reason to do video, don't. It adds way too much difficulty for the benefit he can get. Audio is where he wants to be since most listen to audio podcasts.

Why Can't My Macbook Pro Run Zoom?


Episode 1768

Penny from Apple Valley, CA

Penny and her boyfriend are both teachers, and they teach people gardening and welding. Both now require distance learning, but they aren't very computer savvy. Will her 2012 Macbook Pro do the job? Leo says that Apple limits what version of the operating system she can update to using that Mac. It's possible that the age would prevent updating to the latest macOS, which Zoom may require. But the 2012 model should be OK. Check out AnyMac.com to see what version of macOS is compatible. 

How Can I Use Zoom and Keep My Personal Data Secure?


Episode 1761

Paul from Bethesda, MD

Paul doesn't want to use Zoom unless he can prevent it from accessing his personal information. How can he do that? Leo says that Zoom has a web interface now so that you can log in as a guest for your Zoom calls. And it's got new security features to keep your information safe and secure. Zoom has spent a lot to secure its platform. But understand that the company is based in China, so it's likely that everything that goes through their service is viewable by the PRC. 

But if you're concerned, get everyone to use Jitsi. It's open-source.

What's a Good Professional Microphone for Zoom?

Heil PR40

Episode 1761

Sabine from Louisville, KY

Sabine is looking for a professional microphone to use on her Zoom calls. Leo says you want to have one that supports USB. Leo uses the Heil PR40 and uses an adapter interface that converts it to USB. You don't really have to spend a lot of money though. Leo recommends looking at RODE. They design a lot .of high quality, professional-grade microphones for those on a budget. Check out the NT-USB Mini. It's $99. But avoid buying them on Amazon. There's also Blue and the Audio Technica ATR2100.

Why Can't I Add a Virtual Background to my Zoom Calls?


Episode 1756

Fred from Pasadena, CA

Fred is suffering from Zoom Fatigue and would like to boost his morale by creating a virtual background. But he can't because his computer seems too old, even though it's not. Leo says that Zoom requires a certain power processor, and Fred's computer probably doesn't support it. That's why he can't do the virtual background. But there may be a background thanks to an app called Mmhmm Mmhmm