How can I start making "let's play" videos on YouTube?

Episode 1192

Matthew from Virginia

Matthew wants to start producing "lets play" videos on YouTube like PewtiePie. Leo says that's just about every kid's goal now. There's a ton of ways to do it with software like FRAPS on Windows. The XBox One has a built in recording/broadcaster feature. OBS (Open Broadcasting Software) is an open source live broadcasting app that is very popular on And Twitch is where everyone is going.

How can I record images of games on my iPad?

Episode 1188

Evan from Cary, NC

Evan has a YouTube channel and he does video blogs. But now he wants to do "Lets Play" videos of video games. How can he do that? He's using an iPad Mini to play the games, but can he record at the same time? Leo says no. "Let's Play" videos are very popular. Could he jailbreak and do it? Leo says not to jailbreak the iPad. It will make it less reliable. In order for Evan to be able to record gameplay on the iPad, iOS would have to let two different apps talk to each other and Apple doesn't like that from a security point of view.

Why doesn't YouTube work on the Apple TV?

Apple TV

Episode 1181

Tom from Warren, OH

Tom has an Apple TV and he just got a message on his YouTube app that the device isn't compatible anymore. Leo said there's a new update to the YouTube app that has broken the app on older Apple TVs. Leo says one possibility is to jailbreak it. If he needs to, he should check out Google's supported list of devices here. And he can always start the video on his YouTube app on the iPad or iPhone and then AirPlay it.

Why can't YouTube play at a better resolution on my PS3?


Episode 1173

Dave from Venice Beach, CA

Dave wants to know why he can't watch YouTube in higher resolutions through the PS3. He only gets 240. Leo says that's ugly. The issue could be bandwidth.

Dave may want to try using the YouTube app, and not the browser. He can download the YouTube App from the Sony Playstation store. That will always do better than the browser.

What video editing software should I use for my YouTube videos?

Final Cut Pro X

Episode 1169

Will from Bradford, PA

Will makes videos on YouTube playing guitar. What video editing software should he use that offers a picture in picture capability? Leo says Final Cut Pro on the Mac will do it. Adobe Premiere will work, but it's a cloud based subscription solution now.

He's also noticed that there's ads on his youtube channel. Check out BradfordSoundman on YouTube.

How can I download YouTube videos?

Episode 1161

Daniel from Lake Forest, CA

Larry has a Samsung tablet and he'd like to watch YouTube videos without using Wi-Fi. Is there something that will allow him to cache the videos locally? Leo says that there are a number of sites that would allow him to do this. An app called TubeSock Pro will do it. is a website where can input the link and it will give him download options.

Other sites include:

Google Sets Prohibitive New Rules for YouTube Musicians


Episode 1155

A YouTube musician named Zoe Keating is resisting YouTube's latest demands that all musicians sign a draconian, 5 year agreement to provide ads on all music videos, make the entire music catalog available, and release exclusively on YouTube first. She would also be prohibited from putting any music on other free services like BandCamp or SoundCloud.

Why can't I view a YouTube video with https?


Episode 1146

John from Ottawa, ONT CAN

John has been given some YouTube links that have "https" in their URL, and he can't view them. Leo says that those links are encrypted and Google has been pushing towards https for all video links to prevent hackers from taking advantage of it. Https uses a time-based certificate, and if his computer hasn't been updated or doesn't remember the date, he may not be able to read it because the certificate isn't valid according to the PC. John should check his clock. He should try logging into a different account and see if that changes things.