Why did Yahoo block access to my email account?

Episode 966

Michael from California

Michael is frustrated because he has been blocked by Yahoo for sending a lot of email to his friends. Leo says that this is because he reached the daily sending limit. This is a policy to prevent spammers from using Yahoo. Yahoo's Help has more about daily sending limits here:

Why can't I access my Yahoo email?

Episode 943

Larry from Santa Monica, CA

Larry's Yahoo account was compromised and he couldn't get into it, so he contacted a company he thought was Yahoo. They asked him for money to fix it, but he still can't get into his account. Now they want more money. Leo says this is a hacker, and this is a scam.

This Yahoo Security Center page will help him recover his password and let Yahoo know his account has been compromised.

He should probably change his credit cards now too, because obviously they have his information now.

Why can't I find Yahoo Calendar anymore?

Episode 934

Richard from West Los Angles, CA

Leo says that Yahoo has been struggling, going through multiple CEOs and losing a lot of market share. They've hired Marissa Mayer to turn things around and she has been killing some features, but Calendar isn't one of them. Richard may have disabled it in settings.

The new Yahoo Mail is an application now, according to the chatroom, and he'll need to re-add the tab from the applications link.

How can I get my Yahoo account back to normal?

Episode 904

Marilyn from California

Marilyn is unhappy that her Yahoo account has been closed because she forgot the secret question and Yahoo closed down her account. Leo says the problem is that webmail makes little money to have support personnel. Leo suggests writing a letter/email to Marissa Mayer, the new CEO of Yahoo. Tell her the tale of woe and ask for help. She'll hand it off to a VP who will address it for you.

Can Marissa Mayer make it at Yahoo?

Marissa Mayer

Episode 893

Gary from Newport Beach, CA

Gary heard Marissa Mayer speak one time and says that she'll have a great chance to do great things and change Yahoo, if the board lets her. Leo agrees and says they wouldn't give someone $61 million and not let her do the job…then again, this IS Yahoo.