Why doesn't Yahoo Mail take my new password?

Episode 1085

Henry from West Chester, PA

Henry uses Yahoo Mail, and he got a message from Yahoo forcing him to change his password. Leo says that Yahoo gets hacked a lot and they may have noted some activity on Henry's email and prompted him to change it. But now he can't access his account. Leo says that's a good signal that his account had been hacked. He probably won't have much luck contacting Yahoo to fix it, either.

How can I get rid of spam from Yahoo Mail?

Episode 1085

Larry from Loma Linda, CA

Larry has Yahoo mail and he gets a ton of spam. He can't really delete all of it at once, because sometimes email from friends gets in there. Leo says that if it's any consolation, everyone gets spam. Yahoo is just doing a poor job of filtering it. Leo says that we've lost the battle against spam, and some webmail providers filter it better than others. Google uses a technique called collaborative filtering, where users let them know if an email has slipped pass their filters and it adds to the list.

How can I get rid of ads in Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo! Mail

Episode 1076

Stan from Irvine, CA

Stan says that Yahoo's ads are popping up now in his email and he can't get rid of them unless he pays for Yahoo Pro. Is there any other way he can get rid of them? Leo says that Yahoo is a free service and the price he pays is in seeing ads. If he wants to pay for Yahoo Pro, then he won't see the ads. He could also do this with a toolbar called "AdBlock," but Leo feels it's unethical to avoid the ads if he's expecting the service for free.

What happened to my website on Yahoo?

Episode 1037

Roger from Woodland Hills, CA

Roger's website and email has vanished through Yahoo/AT&T. He's frustrated because no one will help him on either end. Leo says that AT&T chose to set his site up with Yahoo and if they're passing the buck, that's unacceptable. Leo says that one thing Roger can do is write a letter to the CEO of Yahoo: Marissa Mayer. She won't handle it, but she has an office that's dedicated to handling these kinds of things. It's worth a shot and let her know that he's losing business. They at least owe him an explanation and if it's an error, they need to fix it.

How can I be sure I'm at Yahoo Mail?

Episode 996

Angela from Van Nuys, CA

Angela is doing some banking and she's discovered a different picture on Yahoo Mail, and it worries her that she's being routed elsewhere. Leo says she just has to look in the URL bar, where the address is That confirms she's where she wants to be. Yahoo does have a protection site at that has a photo verification for when someone logs into different computers, or to prevent people from being "phished" by a counterfeit site.

How can I back up my webmail?

Episode 992

Nancy from Bell, CA

Nancy keeps everything she's written on her Yahoo documents. How can she back them up? Leo says that they are already backed up by Yahoo.

The only thing she could really run into is if Nancy lost access to her Yahoo account. Leo advises getting a Microsoft Live account at and then set it up to copy over to Skydrive. Another option is GMail. She could sign up for a Gmail account, and then have gmail fetch all of her email from Yahoo. Then she'll have all of her emails backed up.

Yahoo Announces Redesigned Flickr With 1TB of Free Storage

Episode 981

Yahoo has announced a gorgeous new redesign of Flickr giving users 1TB of free storage.

In addition, Yahoo announced the purchase of Tumblr for $1.1 Billion. The news was met with many faithful Tumblr users declaring they were quitting. WordPress said that in the first hour after the announcement, over 72,000 users moved their Tumblr blogs over to Leo says that it's a cagey move to buy Tumblr, as the young demographic is abandoning sites like Facebook and moving to Tumblr, Twitter and Snapchat.