Yahoo Mail

Should I use IMAP instead of POP 3 for email?


Episode 1127

Greg from Orange County, CA

Greg hears that POP 3 is going to be obsolete and that he should go with and IMAP through Microsoft Exchange for an extra cost. Is that true? Leo says that it is, but he recommends going with Gmail instead. He could also buy the Google Apps account, and they do a great job with organization and spam filtering. IMAP will also work better with iOS devices. Leo also says he can shop around and get a better deal on IMAP. But Leo uses Gmail.

Can I get my deleted contacts back in Yahoo Mail?


Episode 1127

Mary from Ventura, CA

Mary's Yahoo email account was hacked, and in the process, all her contacts in her address book got deleted. Is there any way to retrieve it? Leo says that Mary probably had her account hacked through her "secret" questions which can be guessed using a brute force attack. Once hacked, her account was used as a spam account. But it may be that her account wasn't hacked at all, and her email address was spoofed instead. That means they just can pose as Mary by using the "reply to" field.

Why can't I change the password on my Yahoo account?

Episode 1107

Andy from Los Angeles, CA

Andy forgot his password to his Yahoo mail account and he's having trouble resetting it. Leo says the process of answering the secret questions by going to the log in and then click "I can't access my account." You'll then be asked your secret questions. This is also a good idea to add second factor authentication so that when you do reset, it'll let you know via your cellphone. Try that as well.

Should I get a VPN for my Android phone?

Episode 1087

Bob from Walnut Creek, CA

Leo says that a security guru would say that under no circumstances should he use a public Wi-Fi network unless all traffic on that network is encrypted, and the best way to do that is with a VPN. It encrypts all the traffic coming from a phone or computer all the way to a VPN server, which could be something he runs in his home, or a provider runs for him. At some point, everything he does is on the public internet, but at least his traffic wouldn't be broadcast to the entire coffee shop.

How can I get rid of ads in Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo! Mail

Episode 1076

Stan from Irvine, CA

Stan says that Yahoo's ads are popping up now in his email and he can't get rid of them unless he pays for Yahoo Pro. Is there any other way he can get rid of them? Leo says that Yahoo is a free service and the price he pays is in seeing ads. If he wants to pay for Yahoo Pro, then he won't see the ads. He could also do this with a toolbar called "AdBlock," but Leo feels it's unethical to avoid the ads if he's expecting the service for free.

How can I be sure I'm at Yahoo Mail?

Episode 996

Angela from Van Nuys, CA

Angela is doing some banking and she's discovered a different picture on Yahoo Mail, and it worries her that she's being routed elsewhere. Leo says she just has to look in the URL bar, where the address is That confirms she's where she wants to be. Yahoo does have a protection site at that has a photo verification for when someone logs into different computers, or to prevent people from being "phished" by a counterfeit site.

How can I prove that I didn't get an important email?

Episode 993

Bob from La Canada Flintridge, CA

Bob says that Yahoo hasn't delivered important emails to him and he needs to prove that he never received it. Leo says that people can prove they sent the emails, but they can't really prove he received them. It's a "he said, she said," situation. Leo also says that it's possible that Yahoo considered the email SPAM and placed it in the spam filter. If he checks the Yahoo spam folder, it should be there, but if he empties that regularly, then it's gone. Adding the sender to his address book may prevent it from getting put into the spam folder.

What should I do after being hacked?

Episode 967

Allison from Studio City, CA

Allison's Yahoo mail got hacked last weekend, and she spent all weekend with technicians to fix it. She's worried she lost all her contacts. Leo fears that the technicians that charged her $200 to fix it were actually hackers pretending to be Yahoo customer support. Leo thinks they probably made her situation worse by installing key loggers and other exploits that'll turn her computer into a botnet zombie.