How can I encrypt my hard drive?

Episode 1082

Pete from Brooklyn, NY

Pete would like to encrypt his hard drive so nobody could use his computer unless they had the password. Leo says the easiest way to do this is to use the file lockers that the OS comes with. Windows has BitLocker, and Apple has FileVault. He can turn them on in the OS. But some people don't trust them because they don't know if there's a back door built into them for the NSA. So open source options like TrueCrypt exist. Can he just encrypt folders? Leo says absolutely. He can also encrypt external drives.

What XBMC Android Media Streaming device would be best?

Roku Box 2

Episode 953

Edgar from Huntingon Beach, CA

So far, Edgar has been looking at the Western Digital Media Player or the GBox Midnight, which he can then use to make his HDTV into a smart TV or use with his Android Phone. Leo says that he hasn't used them, but it could work, and today's smartphones are more than up to the task with their quad core processor. Looking at reviews on Amazon, there's a high learning curve unless he's a serious techie.