What's a Good Outdoor Camera for Streaming?

Toana's Adventure

Episode 1798

Matt from Torrance, CA

Matt wants to get cameras so his wife can stream their backyard animal activity. Many of the cameras he's looking at only stream when there's movement. Leo says that is because they are solely battery-powered. What he will need is a camera that he can plug in and stream continuously, and connect via WiFi. But just remember that's going to impact the overall bandwidth. Leo recommends NEST Cams. But there's also Wyze Cams, which are very affordable. Focus on outdoor-only cameras, unless he can build a small shelter for the camera itself. 

What Security Camera System Should I Buy?

WyzeCam v3

Episode 1775

Patricia from Santa Barbara, CA

Patricia wants to set up a security monitor system with motion capture for her art gallery. What should she buy? Leo would recommend having a professional come in and install the system for you. Leo says that if you need to go self-install, then he recommends Wyze. Their wireless WiFi cameras can do continuous recording through an SD card on the camera itself. And starting at $20 per camera, they're a great deal.  The other option is the Ubiquity security cameras. They aren't wireless though. The question is, do you want wireless or continuous recording and display. You can't do both.