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Apple Announces Next Gen Cheesegrater Mac Pro Tower

Cheesegrater Mac Pro Tower

Episode 1598

This week at WWDC, Apple announced the return of the Cheesegrater Mac. That's right, the Cheesegrater is back, and Leo says it's as functional as it is a work of art. Starting at $5,000, the new Cheesegrater comes with an Intel Xeon Processor, 32GB of RAM, and dual video cards. The starting price is $6,000. Apple also announced the XDR Pro 32" 6K monitor, at a price of $5,000. But that doesn't come with a stand, which is another $1,000. That's like buying a car without wheels. But a nicely equipped MacPro for professional performance is likely to cost you at least $25,000.

Dissapointing Rumors About AppleTV on Eve of WWDC

Episode 1193

The news that there would be a new AppleTV this week at the WorldWide Developer's Conference is bound to disappoint many, including Leo. Because there isn't going to be one. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple execs have said it's just not ready for prime time. And Leo says that's a pity because with Google's new AndroidTV, Roku's continuing development of the Stick and the Roku Box, Apple's Hobby project is falliing way behind.