How can I get better wireless reception from Verizon out here on my ranch?

Episode 918

Jim from Winchester, CA

The issue is Jim's distance from the cell site. If he has line of site to it, he may be able to get an external directional antenna that would re-transmit the signal into his house. Check out CellAntenna.com. Look into the Yagi antennas. Wilson Electronics also makes cell signal boosters but he'll want to be sure he's getting an antenna that supports 4G/LTE.

Is there anything I can do to improve the internet speed on my PS3 through Wi-Fi?

Episode 912

Jeremiah from Simi Valley, CA

Leo would first check to be sure that his parents haven't downgraded to cheaper internet. If it's fast enough when connected with ethernet cable, then there's something wrong with the router. Unless he's far away from the router. One of the problems with WiFi is that less than strong signal does lower the speed.

What wireless mic should I use for an instructor teaching a class?

Episode 874

Mike from Olympia, WA

Since the instructor is currently using a handheld mic, a better solution would be a wireless lavalier mic. The challenge here is that a lavalier mic picks up more ambient noise and there is a higher potential for feedback with the PA system. It will be important to make sure there's enough distance between the mic and the speakers to avoid this. A lot of companies make lavaliers, but here's a few to choose from: