wireless surround sound

What's the best wireless surround sound system?

Pioneer Surround Sound System

Episode 1087

Sean from Durango, CO

Sean is interested in getting a wireless 5.1 surround sound system. Leo says he understands the desire to get rid of wires, but they often don't work as well due to interference in the audio spectrum. It's also why he hired someone to wire his house and put them inside the walls. Wireless left/right and center speakers are OK because they're usually not that far away from each other. But surround is usually farther away.

Scott Wilkinson and Wireless Surround

Episode 1029

Leo is wiring his home with wireless Sonos speakers, which he says are the best option out there despite how expensive they are. Scott agrees, says that wired sound is ideally the best, but then you have wires everywhere. Wireless isn't really ready for prime time yet, and just don't sound as good as wired speakers. Scott says it's similar streaming via Wi-Fi. Latency and interference can cause issues pertaining to video. Audio isn't as bad, but companies like Sonos have built a proprietary network to stream wirelessly.