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What Multi-room Speakers Will Offer Party-Mode-Style Broadcasting?


Episode 1735

Josh from Denver, CO

Josh wants to know if there's an alternative to SONOS that can broadcast music to each room in his house. Leo says that used to be the sole domain of SONOS. It's difficult to do because of latency. Now, other products are capable of doing it thanks to Google's Speakers. NEST Speakers do the same thing as Sonos, but so does Amazon wireless speakers. Leo really likes the Google Nest Speakers. They're ideal. NEST Audio Speakers are about $100 per. 

Ultimate Ears UE Megabook speakers also do the same. But Leo says that Nest Audio is the way to go.

Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1539

Scott got an email from a listener who wanted to stream using an old analog receiver and speakers, and Synology NAS. Scott says that the listener discovered that using the Chromecast audio (which has an analog/digital output) was the ideal solution. It works great with a powered speaker or a pair of speakers which are powered by the AV receiver. You have to set it on AUX, but if all you have is analog, this is a great workaround.

What's a good affordable bluetooth speaker?

Logitech UE Mini Boom

Episode 1235

Marsha from Mission Viejo, CA

Marsha is looking for a great bluetooth speaker. Scott has been looking at the BenQ Electrostatic Speaker of late and it's pretty cool. The low frequencies are handled by the main body, but the swing out speakers handle the electrostatic design. They're about $300.

The RIVA Turbo sounds really great. The FuGoo is great, but it's still around $300.

How can I set up a wireless audio system with speakers in multiple rooms?

Sonos Play:5

Episode 888

Kathy from Los Angeles, CA

Kathy is part of a group of people who visit a memory care unit, and wants to help Alzheimer's patients through music. Leo recommends Sonos Play:5. It's not cheap, but there's really nothing as good at a lower price. It makes its own wireless network and she would plug the audio source into the base unit. They even have a dock that she could put an iPhone or iPod into and then the music played there would play in each room.