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Why is my mouse so jumpy after updating Windows 10?

Episode 1765

Doug from Magnolia, TX

Doug has a problem with upgrading Windows 10 to H2. Ever since, his wireless mouse jumps all around. It's not smooth at all. He installed all the updated drivers as well. The irony is, it's a Microsoft mouse. Leo says that it's a good idea to plug in another wired mouse and see if you can duplicate the problem. If the problem continues, it's a software issue. If not, then you know it's a hardware issue and you need to replace your mouse. Leo also suggests starting over. Delete the mouse driver and then reinstall the mouse.

What's a Good Mid-range Chromebook?

Acer Spin

Episode 1762

Mike from Rancho Mirage, CA

Mike is looking for a good, mid-range Chromebook. Leo recommends ACER. He can get a decent Chromebook for around $300-500. Leo's favorite is the Chromebook Spin. $269 on Amazon

Mike's old Macbook Pro is having wireless mouse issues. It's getting a bit jiggy.  Leo says that new batteries in the mouse may help. But the mouse may just be worn out. They do wear with use. Replacing a wired mouse can also eliminate interference as an issue. Leo prefers a wired mouse. If the issue disappears, then he will know.

Why doesn't my wireless mouse work with Windows 10?

Computer mouse

Episoide 1473

Jerry from Pennsylvania

Jerry has a new laptop with Windows 10 and his mouse doesn't work. He tried it with a different computer and it works. Leo says the problem with wireless mice is that they fail without notice. The dongle may be the culprit, but it may also be the batteries. Since it works fine with another computer, that tends to point to a driver or the specialized software that came with the mouse. Jerry should just reinstall the software. He can also try a different USB port. One of his ports may be broken. That's why Leo prefers the good old-fashioned wired mouse. It's reliable.

Why doesn't my wireless mouse work right?


Episode 1114

Eliot from Fontana, CA

Elliot has discovered he may have malware on his computer. When he hovers his mouse over an item in his browser, he loses control of his mouse. Leo says that it's likely an issue with Elliot's wireless mouse and chances are, he needs to change the batteries or reinstall the drivers. This is why Leo only uses wired mouses. Get a wired mouse, they're cheap.