Wireless Internet Service Providers

Can I use my own router for my WISP internet service?

Brainstorm Internet

Episode 1625

Tim from Oxford, CO

Tim's internet is terrible because he lives in a rural area. His router managed to give him decent speed, but it went bad. So his wireless ISP gave him another one and it's terrible. Leo says that Brainstorm is a WISP, or wireless internet service provider, and you're most likely required to use their dedicated hardware. But you may be able to use your own router. But Leo suspects the problem is on their end. Routers to look at are TPLINK. Asus. NetGear. Check out  thewirecutter.com for their recommendations.

Is it possible to get internet access via light?

Episode 1085

Chip from New Jersey

Chip wants to know about the possibility of getting internet access via light. Leo says it's in the labs, but it's far from being in prime time. There are some microwave ISPs, which provide service via WISP (wireless internet service provider). There is a long distance Wi-Fi: Clearwire was one that used WiMax, but it died out.

The best way to find out is to go to BroadbandReports.com. They can give him up to date information on what's the best services in his area.