wireless charging

Why is my Galaxy S7 Edge home key disabled after using the wireless charger?

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Episode 1276

Louis from Monrovia, CA

Louis bought a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and he's discovered that the home key has become disabled after charging with his wireless charger. He restarted it, but is getting the same thing. He even took it to the store and replaced it, but it's still happening. Leo says that there's a problem with the wireless charger. Or it could be an app. Leo suggests doing a factory reset and not installing any apps. See if it charges and if the problem goes away. If it does, then he'll have to go through each and every app until he isolates the one app that's causing the issue.

Can I get a Qi wireless charger for my phone?

Episode 1215

Clarence from Palm Springs, CA

Clarence just let go of his Samsung Galaxy S3 because the microUSB port was loose and it wouldn't charge. So it's time to get a new phone. He can pick up a Samsung Galaxy S 5 or a Note 4. Leo says that the Note 4 is a great phone and that's the one to get. He can get a charger cover that supports Qi. It's a great charger. Should he "Frankenstein" a system together and DIY it? Leo says he could. He did that on the Note 3, but the negative is that it makes it harder to remove and replace the battery.

Why doesn't wireless charging work on my Galaxy Note 2?

Samsung Galaxy Note II

Episode 1056

Michael from Demoines, IA

Michael has a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with T-Mobile and he has a wireless charging pad for it. And while the Note 2 sees the pad, it doesn't charge. What gives? Leo says they have to basically snap into the battery and if you don't feel or hear the "snap" it may not be making proper contact. Leo says that the Tylt Vu Wireless Charger is a good option as well.

What wireless charger should I get?

Wireless charger

Episode 1028

Brian from Santa Ana, CA

Brian just ordered the Google Nexus 5 and wants to get a wireless charger. Leo says that he'll want to get a QI charger, but he also says wireless is over hyped. Leo also says that the Nexus charger is junk because it's slanted and the phone slides off. The chatroom says that the next generation Google Charger is different though, and has magnets to help keep the phones in place.