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What baby monitor is the most secure?

Eufy Baby Monitor

Episode 1653

Darcy from Winnipeg, CAN

Darcy and his wife recently had a baby and he's looking for a good, and secure, baby monitor. Is there one that's really secure? Leo says that they are if the company keeps them up to date. Although RING took it on the chin with a hacker who hacked a Ring Camera in an 8-year-old's office, it turns out that this was due to a simple password that the mother had used with other devices. If you use a difficult password, then the RING Camera is a good option. Or, you can get a standard model that isn't internet-connected and is broadcast over a limited range.

What's an Affordable Option for Noise-Canceling Headphones?


Episode 1652

Ronnie from California

Ronnie would like to buy active noise-canceling headphones, but the Bose headphones are way too expensive. Is there a more affordable option? Leo says that there are far better options now that don't cost an arm and a leg. The WireCutter says that the Bose 700s are the best, but they are costly. Anker's Soundcore Life Q20 is around $40 right now. Audio Technica makes a good pair!

Amazon Prime Day Starts Tomorrow ... But

Prime Day

Episode 1609

Amazon Prime Days start tomorrow, but Leo warns that not all Prime Deals are actually deals. So he recommends going to TheWireCutter. They have a Prime Deals comparison to tell you if Amazon is offering a deal or not, and where you can get a better deal. And Walmart is about to launch THE BIG SAVE week. Check there too. Target has Deal Days, and eBay is offering CrashDays. Even Nordstrom is getting into the game. 

Do I need a new router?

Netgear R7000P

Episode 1445

Dave from Big Bear, CA

Dave gets slowed down online when his son gets on the computer. He can't do anything. Does he need a new router? Leo says that's likely the case since Dave's router is about 8 years old. Leo says that sometimes the DSL modem needs to be replaced as well. So he should contact his ISP and ask them for a newer one. But definitely buy a new router, since they do wear out after a few years. Leo would recommend an 802.11AC version. It's better at managing bandwidth. Leo also likes mesh routers. They're a little more expensive, but they will give him great wireless coverage.

What's the best dash cam for recording in front and inside the car?

Z-Edge Z3 Dash Cam

Episode 1291

Cindy from Temecula, CA

Cindy is interested in dashcams. Leo says that the Wirecutter says the Z-Edge Z3 is the best. It's a great deal at $100. She also wants one forward and backward to monitor the inside of the car. Leo says that there's several models that can do that. So she should head to the Wirecutter for more guidance.