Windows XP

Can I update Windows XP without using Windows Update?

Windows XP

Episode 924

Glen from Georgia

Glen has an issue reinstalling Windows XP on an old Gateway PC. He installed it, and everything works except Windows Update. Now he wants to get SP3, but wants to know how to do it without Windows Update working. Leo says to go to the Microsoft Update site and download all the updates offline. It's called a Network Installation.

According to the chatroom, a certificate update from the Flame virus blocks Windows update on older machines.

Why does my computer screen go blank after booting up to the XP logo screen?

Episode 922

Gary from La Verne, CA

Leo says if the monitor doesn't get a signal from the VGA card, it'll turn off, but it could be several things. Check the monitor, then the cable. Those are the easy things. If those things are working, then the computer may be failing on boot. That usually sends an error message, though. Another possibility is that the the power supply may be failing. He could try replacing that too.

How can I speed up my 7 year old computer?

Episode 918

Neil from El Segundo, CA

Leo says that dogs age 7 years for every human year, and with computers it's even worse. Computers probably age 15 years for every 1 year. So it's not surprising that it's slow. If he were to restore it to the way it came from the factory, it would be exactly as fast as it was then. The problem is, over time, we want to use newer software. The web has also gotten a lot more elaborate. If he wants to do exactly what he was doing in 2005, it would be as fast as it was then. But that's not the case, he's doing more modern things and using more modern software.

How can I get data off of a password protected Windows XP machine?

Episode 914

Naomi from Denver, CO

Luckily, Windows XP wasn't all that secure, and it's relatively easy to get into the computer.

First, she should try logging in with "admin" as the username and leaving the password field blank. She also could try booting into safe mode. Since neither of those worked for Naomi, she'll have to look for a program that will hack into it.

Why won't Windows 7 let me install my printer?

Episode 904

Randy from Los Angeles, CA

He's tried everything he knows to install it, but nothing has worked. Leo says that there may be a group policy setting that may be preventing him from installing a printer. Go into Group Policies and look for 'Point and Print restrictions'. It may be need to be enabled.

Here's a few notes from Microsoft and CJWDev on how to troubleshoot it.

Can I get the old Windows XP Picture Viewer on Windows 7?

Episode 882

Gordon from Palmdale, CA

No, Microsoft has decided to deal with photos differently in the Windows 7 version of Picture Viewer. Gordon will have to look to third party software. Leo recommends a free program called Irfanview. This is very similar to the Windows XP version of Picture Viewer which would let him organize his photos in folders instead of the new "library" that the Windows 7 program has. He won't have to uninstall the viewer that's already in Windows 7, he'll just have to set Irfanview as his default photo viewer instead.