Windows XP

Why can't my computer handle having multiple user accounts?

Episode 1078

Michael from Niagara Falls

Michael tried creating a separate, limited user account for running Windows XP, but his computer crashes and freezes whenever he creates another account. He has tried reformatting and reinstalling Windows several times, but still has this issue. Michael is wondering if he could enable the hidden administrator account in Windows, and just toggle that back and forth between admin and limited.

Can I still use Microsoft Secuirty Essentials on Windows XP?

Episode 1077

Ron from Alberta, CAN

Ron says that Microsoft Security Essentials is no longer being supported on XP. Leo says that Microsoft will continue to support MSE, just not update the operating system itself, or the MSE program. It'll be able to continue to scan for viruses with new definitions, so that's not to worry. Steps to protect yourself since Microsoft has stopped supporting XP:

What's wrong with Windows File utility?

Episode 1074

Tom from Riverside, CA

Tom has a computer running XP and he's having issues with the accuracy of the number of files in his folders. Leo says that it sounds like the file index is corrupted. He can rebuild the index in the control panel. Windows XP's copy utility is broken also, so Microsoft's answer to that was to offer a separate file copier called "Robocopy." He could also try refreshing the folder in the folder menu. Otherwise it's probably time to upgrade to Windows 7. He should make sure to backup his data too.

How can I keep using Windows XP safely after April 8?

Microsoft Windows XP

Episode 1067

Mark from Indio, CA

Mark hears that XP will stop being supported. Leo says yes, on April 8th Microsoft will release it's last security update. So what would be his options after that? He's on a budget and can't buy a new computer. Leo says that Linux is a good option, and it's often more secure. Leo says that Mark could also just continue to use XP if he takes steps and knows what he's doing.

Here's what Mark can do:

Is it possible to run Windows XP safely online using an antivirus program?

Episode 1062

Midnight Rider from Unknown City

Midnight Rider works for a city that runs on Windows XP. They are going to be running antivirus on their computers after Microsoft ends support for Windows XP, and he's wondering if that's going to be adequate. Leo says the antivirus, including Microsoft's own antivirus program will still be kept up to date. However, it won't protect against a user installing software that could be malicious.