Windows XP

Why can't I activate Windows XP?

Linux Mint

Episode 1338

Ted from San Diego, CA

Ted has to install XP every 30 days, even though he bought it. Leo says it's possible that since XP is now "end of life," they may not be activating it anymore. Leo says that it's time for Ted to go to Linux.

Ted also can't install Microsoft Office. He tried to copy the program folder over and it won't work. Leo says it can't work that way. He'll miss important system files. He'll have to reinstall from the program disc.

How can I get SP3 for Windows XP?

Episode 1319

Fernando from Neurenberg, Germany

Fernando can't download Windows XP Service Pack 3. Leo says that's because they've stopped supporting XP. Can he get it elsewhere? Leo says not to go anywhere but Microsoft to get updates. It's just not safe, especially from Softonic. They usually add stuff that will install other things he doesn't want. But really, he's no less secure without it if he just follows the following guidelines:

Should I upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows XP?

Windows 10 Start Menu

Episode 1299

Chris from Lakewood, CA

Chris is still using Windows XP, but his computer is slowing down and his internet connection isn't that great. Time Warner says that if he upgrades to Windows 10, it'll give him faster internet performance. Is that true? Leo says it's true that the older a computer gets, the slower it becomes. He calls it "kruft." Leo backs up his data, reformats the drive and reinstalls Windows once a year. Chris can do that and upgrade to Windows 10, sure, but Leo advises going to Windows 7 if he can. If he gets a new computer, he will get it with Windows 10.

Is it safe to be on the internet with Windows XP?

Episode 1285

Anne from Orange County, CA

Anne got an HP Envy wireless printer. Can she use it with an XP Machine? She keeps getting a popup asking for a driver update for something called "Slim Cleaner." Leo says that XP is a security issue because Microsoft has stopped supporting it. There are no fixes for it, and newer hardware won't work quite right with it because manufacturers don't expect people to use it with such old computers. Leo would not recommend banking on an XP machine. When she bought Slim Cleaner, someone actually took over her computer as well. So now there's no way to know exactly what they may have done.

How can I get my data back?

Episode 1269

Abel from New York City

Abel has a friend who's 2007 Thinkpad has started acting up. The fan needed replacing, so he fixed it and now after rebooting, none of the passwords work. So he used some utilities from the Ultimate Boot CD to get into the administrator account. Leo says an administrator can take control of all the files and then back them up. He could also move the data to a new account that he creates. It looks like the desktop has changed its appearance and some files have disappeared.

Do I have to upgrade from Windows XP?

Episode 1260

Annie from Los Angeles, CA

Annie still uses Windows XP and can't afford a new computer. Leo says that using XP is fine, but she's going to want to use a better browser like Chrome to keep her web surfing more secure. But Google is going to stop supporting XP, so Firefox will be the best. If she's going to keep using XP, here are a few steps to protect herself since Microsoft has stopped supporting it:

Can I use an old XP machine online?

Episode 1237

Wayne from Decatur, GA

Wayne is being told his old Gateway PC isn't worth keeping since it's been in storage for a few years. Leo says it's probably running an old version of Windows -- likely XP. Hardware wise, there's probably nothing wrong with it. The reason people are saying Wayne shouldn't use it is because Microsoft isn't updating it, so security is an issue. He can run it safely by doing the following:

Why don't videos online play anymore in Windows XP?

Episode 1226

Francis from San Diego, CA

Francis can't get videos to play on websites anymore on her old Windows XP machine. Leo suspects this is a Flash issue. If Francis is going to have Flash, she needs to make sure she keeps it up to date. Leo says there's a few ways to use Windows XP safely. All of the bad stuff that could get on her system will come from the internet, so anything that gets online has to be kept up to date. The good news is that even though Microsoft isn't keeping Internet Explorer up to date, Google has said that it will keep its Chrome browser updated.

Is it possible to make the Windows 7 library work like Windows XP?

Episode 1225

Jeff from Ontario, Canada

Jeff wants to know if it's possible to make Windows 7 emulate Windows XP. He's confused about what the "library" is. Leo says he should think of it like a canned search. It's a saved search that will push files together into a result that looks like an actual folder, but it isn't. Leo says it isn't possible to emulate this, it's just a new feature of Windows 7. But at least it's not taking up space.