Windows Updates

Will I be able to use my Windows 7 computer online after January 2020?

Windows 7 (RIP)

Episode 1649

Timmy from Oak Hills, CA

Timmy has heard that Microsoft is going to kill support for Windows 7 on January 14th. Is that going to be a security problem? Leo says essentially, yes. You'll be on your own as Windows 7 goes end of life. You can get Windows 10 for free in most cases if you still own Windows 7, and Microsoft is hell-bent on getting everyone to WIndows 10. Also, after January, most other browsers and other software updates will stop supporting Windows 7 as well. But if you take it offline, you can still use Windows 7. Just not for the internet. 

Why does Windows 7 keep trying to run the same updates?

Episode 1079

Lisa from Downey, CA

Lisa is having trouble with her Windows update -- it keeps updating the same files. Leo says that sometimes Windows update fails or gets blocked and it can't get past the failed update. So the updates stack up. It could be that running as a limited user is preventing her from updating. Lisa should log into Windows as an Administrator and then run update. She can also run Microsoft's FixIt utility. She should also just run critical updates, not the optional ones.

Analysis of Windows Updates Shows Removing Admin Rights Could Solve Most Issues

Episode 1061

An analysis of all the patches that Microsoft released in 2013 shows that nearly 100% of all exploits and vulnerabilities could be removed if administrator rights were revoked, and users ran as a limited user.

Admin rights key to mitigating vulnerabilities, study shows (ZDNet)…