Windows update

How can I update my video driver?

Episode 1302

Gerald from California

Gerald wants to know how he can upgrade his video drivers without paying for them. Leo says he shouldn't have to pay for drivers, they will come with the hardware he buys. So he should avoid any scam that requires him to pay for a driver. Chances are, Windows Update will have the driver update anyway. He can also get the Windows HQL driver. It's Microsoft certified and is usually the most bug free. Then there's NVidia's certified drivers at

How can I get out of an update loop?

Episode 1291

Greg from Wisconsin

Greg was watching a live video stream and got a notification to update Windows and now it's in a loop and won't update. Leo says he's seen that issue. This is a case where running the updates manually is a better option. He can set his updates to 'manual' in Windows' settings. This is a good idea especially since Windows now updates to version 10 automatically without consent.

Did Microsoft automatically update me to Windows 10?

Microsoft Windows 10 Start Menu

Episode 1270

Dale from Upland, CA

Dale's Windows 7 laptop got automatically updated by Microsoft. Leo says that Microsoft has made Windows 10 is an automatic download, and since he had automatic updates turned on, it installed the update. Leo says that's nefarious. Leo says that the good news is he can hit the Windows Key and type "recovery." He'll have 30 days to roll it back to Windows 7 through the Windows recovery utility. Then Dale should install GWX Control Panel, which will prevent it from happening again.

Did Windows Update break my internet connection?

Episode 1269

Dan from Beaumont, TX

Dan has an HP Touchsmart PC and after a recent Windows 7 update, he can't connect to the internet. Leo says that could be a bad update. If he can remove it, he should try that. He may have to do a system restore. That should roll back the update. If that doesn't work, then Dan should back up his data, and do a complete system recover. Once that's done, he should update it completely. If all that doesn't work, then it's a hardware issue.

Why can't I get Windows updates on my laptop?

Episode 1215

John from Riverside, CA

John has his laptop set to auto updates, but his laptop shows that no updates have been installed. Leo says that there's no need to rush to that conclusion. If he's upgraded to service pack 1, then he has them all. Failed updates will cause updates from not being able to add anymore. So if he has a failed update, then google "microsoft troubleshooter windows update." He'll find how tos on how to remove the stuck update and then he can reinstall it. Not unusual, but he really should fix it. Blocked updates will prevent him from updating his OS, and that's a bad thing.

Should I reserve the Windows 10 upgrade?

Episode 1203

Mark from Santa Monica, CA

Mark's computer has had the upgrade icon appear for Windows 10, but he doesn't want to be a beta tester. Leo says that message is the Microsoft reservation icon for upgrading to Windows 10. They've been doling them out randomly to Windows 7 and Windows 8 users who have compatible hardware. He can reserve it, and when it's ready, it will automatically download and upgrade it. But not before he says "yes" a final time. What if he wants to cancel his reservation?

FOLLOWUP: How can I stop my Windows laptop from updating?

Episode 1154

Lauren from Aliso Viejo, CA

Lauren called a week ago about her computer that wouldn't stop updating, and green lines she was seeing on the display. Leo told her to keep updating the OS. She said it took a week to update and the green lines disappeared. Now it runs perfectly. Leo says that's why he sets his updates to go automatically -- so they update as it goes.