Windows update

Should I reserve the Windows 10 upgrade?

Episode 1203

Mark from Santa Monica, CA

Mark's computer has had the upgrade icon appear for Windows 10, but he doesn't want to be a beta tester. Leo says that message is the Microsoft reservation icon for upgrading to Windows 10. They've been doling them out randomly to Windows 7 and Windows 8 users who have compatible hardware. He can reserve it, and when it's ready, it will automatically download and upgrade it. But not before he says "yes" a final time. What if he wants to cancel his reservation?

FOLLOWUP: How can I stop my Windows laptop from updating?

Episode 1154

Lauren from Aliso Viejo, CA

Lauren called a week ago about her computer that wouldn't stop updating, and green lines she was seeing on the display. Leo told her to keep updating the OS. She said it took a week to update and the green lines disappeared. Now it runs perfectly. Leo says that's why he sets his updates to go automatically -- so they update as it goes.

How can I stop my Windows laptop from updating?

Episode 1152

Lauren from Mission Viejo, CA

Lauren's laptop has green horizontal lines. She tried to restore her OS and that seemed to fix the lines issue, but now she's dealing with Windows installation issues. Leo says that's interesting because the green lines usually point to a hardware issue. Leo says that it's important to install all the updates, otherwise she's vulnerable to security issues.

How can I update Windows all at once?

Computer frustration

Episode 1147

Kahn from Seal Beach, CA

Kahn knows that when he visits the family for the holidays, they're going to ask him to fix their computers. He's working on one but he has to deal with restarts when running each update. Leo says that every once in awhile, Microsoft has a "rollup" of multiple updates to get him up to speed. But unless he brings a disc with all the updates on them, he'll just have to work through rebooting for each and every update. It's a pain.

How do I fix a stuck Windows update?

Episode 947

Larry from Denver, CO

Larry is having trouble getting updates on Windows 7. He ran "Fixit" and it says the update database is corrupted. He tried a few other Microsoft solutions, but they haven't helped either. He's stuck and can't get new security updates.

TWiET host, Father Robert Ballecer (PadreSJ), says it's a common problem and could be a broken .NET issue. This article has a fix. There's also a cleanup tool he can download there.