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Why Did Windows 11 Break My USB Connections?

Surface Pro 7

Episode 1818

Darryl from Loveland, CO

Darryl is a developer, and he has many devices that rely on USB in Windows. But when he tries using them on Surface Pro and Windows 11,  they've stopped working due to the latest Windows update. Leo says it could be an out-of-date driver, but remember that Windows 11 is in Beta and it's likely just a bug. Report it to Microsoft through their bug reporting tool. What he could try is to reboot in safe mode, then remove the drivers manually. Then remove all the files, and reboot. Then reinstall the new drivers. He should be fine then.

How Do I Get My Sound Back After a Windows Update?


Episode 1816

Carl from Tustin, CA

Carl recently updated to Windows 21H11, and it killed his sound. Leo says that there is a known issue with sound problems on the latest Windows update. If you delete the sound driver, reboot the machine, then reinstall the driver, that may solve the problem. Here's a link on that could solve it. It has about 20 things to try.

How Can I Get My Admin Privilege Back in Windows?

Windows 10

Episode 1811

Tim from Wallens, TN

Tim upgraded his Windows 10 OS, but now he's lost access to the administrator account. It won't let him update anything. Leo says it sounds like Windows broke UAC (user account control), which gives that option. Look in there and see if it's been turned off.  He can also check to see if the user name has administrator permissions. Outside of that, Tim needs to look at all the accounts and see which one is set up as an admin, and figure out the password. Tim may also be able to find a Windows 10 password cracking app.

How Can I Upgrade Windows 10 on My Old PC?

Windows 10

Episode 1810

Storm from Texas

Storm's Windows 10 machine is being forced to upgrade to Windows 10 2004, but it fails every time and reverts to version 1909. She can't do anything because of it. Leo says that sometimes a Windows update gets stuck and you can't get past it. Check out this article on how to fix a stuck update. She can also try deleting all the updates and hotfixes and then try and run the update again.

Can I Defer the Windows Automatic Update?

windows 10

Episode 1801

Doug from Magnolia, TX

Tom has a Dell computer with a jittery mouse. He discovered that the Windows 20H2 update was the cause. So he removed it. Leo says that worked, but eventually, Tom is going to have to reinstall it to move forward. So he reinstalled H2, and his mouse problem returned. Leo says that 21H1 is coming, and there's a chance it may fix the issue. Can he stop Microsoft from updating Windows? Leo says he can by going into the setup and select "I have a metered internet connection." That will defer automatic updates. But sooner or later he will have to. Rollback 20H2, and then update with 21H1.

What Linux Should I Put On an HP Stream Laptop?

HP Stream Laptop

Episode 1799

Paul from Lansing, MI

Paul has an HP Stream, and he can't update Windows 10. Leo says that's because there's no real storage on it, with a 32GB hard drive. They want to compete with Chromebooks, but people can't do anything with them. As such, you can't really update them. You could install Linux on it. Leo recommends Linux MINT; it uses Ubuntu. There's also PopOS by System76 and Manjaro. 

Should I Update to the Latest Windows 10?

Windows 10

Episode 1780

Gloria from North Hollywood, CA

Gloria wants to know if she should install the recent Windows 20H2 update. Leo says that Microsoft has really made things more difficult by changing the naming conventions for the updates. They used to use a numerical year and month, but that wasn't very clear because people thought it was a year. So they wouldn't update to 2004, even though that was the Spring 2020 update. So they changed it to the first half, second half. That means that 20H2 is the second-half update. The good news is that it's a feature update, and you can defer it. Eventually, Microsoft will require it.

How Can I Get My Printer to Work Again, After Updating Windows?


Episode 1779

Martha from Joshua Tree, CA

The latest March Windows update has killed her Kyocera printer. Microsoft says that her manufacturer needs to update their drivers, while Kyocera says that Microsoft needs to make it. Leo says that Martha is caught in the middle. Microsoft says that they are working on a fix, though, so hopefully, they will have it soon. Until then, there's a workaround.

Why Can't I Install the Latest Windows Update?


Episode 1778

Jackie from Rome, NY

Jackie is trying to download and install the latest Windows update to her husband's Toshiba laptop. It won't. Leo says that the update isn't out yet, and it's possible that the computer she uses isn't ready for it, or it won't be supported. But it's only a feature update, not a security update. So it's nothing to be overly concerned about. But it's definitely time to look for a new one. Leo recommends Dell, HP, or Lenovo.