Windows Surface RT Tablet

Steve Ballmer To Retire From Microsoft

Episode 1008

Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer has announced he will retire as CEO of the company in one year. Ballmer, who's tenure at the helm is best described as rocky, said his biggest regret were the problems with creating Vista. Leo says that Ballmer's inability to see rising trends has been his achilles heal. Microsoft was very late to develop a compelling smartphone, and the Surface RT caused Microsoft to write off almost $200 million. Windows 8's metro and desktop interfaces have also caused a lot of confusion among users.

Did Microsoft make a mistake with the Surface RT Tablet?

Microsoft Surface RT

Episode 1000

Frasier from Glendale, CA

Frasier agrees with Leo that the Microsoft Surface RT tablet was a disaster. He's a certified Microsoft Technician and he agrees that the RT isn't a true Windows experience like the Surface Pro, and that Microsoft made a real mistake trying to market it as such. Leo says that they're feeling it with a nearly $1 Billion loss and they should just dump it and stick with the Surface Pro.