windows Surface RT

What was Microsoft thinking with Surface RT?

Microsoft Surface RT

Episode 1144

Jack from Middletown, CT

Jack has an original Chromebook which he gave it to his daughter and it's now broken. Leo says that's not a bad thing since there are better Chromebooks out there for around $200. But Jack also has a Windows Surface RT tablet and he's wondering what Microsoft was thinking! He thinks it's useless.

Leo says that Microsoft realized that, and doesn't even sell the RT anymore. It was so confusing because it couldn't run software from one Windows platform to another, but it was an attempt to do what the iPad does. It failed rather spectacularly as an ill conceived experiment.

Are PCs being replaced by portable computers?

Episode 922

In what Steve Jobs referred to as the "post PC era," it seems like most of the latest product announcements have been mobile computers. The iPad Mini, the 4th Generation iPad, and even Microsoft's Surface RT (which Leo has now and is really liking it) are all examples of this. Even when Google announced the ChromeBook, did the tech world utter a collective yawn?

The post PC era may be here, but even Apple recognizes that the desktop isn't completely dead. Apple announced refreshed versions of the Mac Mini, 13" Macbook Pro with Retina screen, and a very gorgeous iMac.

A Hands-On Look at the Microsoft Surface Tablet

Episode 921

Leo says that the Surface RT tablet running Windows 8 is a nice tablet. Very nice hardware with stunning graphics. With the Surface RT, it's clear that Microsoft is moving away from the desktop. It's more than an iPad, but also less than an iPad. It's very unique, and there's a lot of innovation in the OS. Microsoft is making it really attractive by including Microsoft Office (minus Outlook). It's not really a serious business computer, but for a consumer who prefers Windows, it's a solid alternative.