Windows Surface Pro 3

Should I get an iPad or a Microsoft Surface?

Microsoft Surface 3

Episode 1175

Chris from Lakewood, CA

Chris is a writer and proofreader and he's looking to get an iPad or a Microsoft Surface. Apple says the iPad will do everything the Surface can do. Leo says that's not even close to being true. The Surface offers a full version of Windows, so it'll do far more than an iPad. It also comes with Microsoft Office. Modifying PDFs is far easier on a Surface. He'll pay more, but he'll be able to do more as well.

What Windows tablet should I get?

Episode 1161

Bruce from Huntington Beach, CA

Bruce has used both the iPad and Android tablets and he doesn't like either of them. He wants something that can run Windows programs, chiefly ACT for his business. Leo recommends the Surface Pro 3, which has strong features including a great screen and running full version of Windows. Bruce has a huge credit at Dell though. Leo says that the Dell Venue 8 is affordable, runs a full version of Windows. Paul Thurrott of Windows SuperSite loves it.

Is the Surface Pro 3 a good first tablet?

Windows Surface Pro 3

Episode 1153

Donald from Chicago, IL

Donald wants to know if the Windows Surface Pro 3 would make a good first tablet. Leo says that it's a great tablet that runs full Windows. But it's more of a computer than a tablet. That would give him the option to attach a keyboard and turn it into a full blown laptop. It's over $1,000, so it's not cheap for a tablet. If all Don needs is a device to play movies and such, then it's overkill.

What's a good tablet for viewing SolidWorks 3D models?

Samsung Galaxy TabPro 12"

Episode 1134

Tim from Upland, CA

Tim wants a viewer for his Android phone that allows him to view SolidWorks 3D models. He uses one but it keeps crashing. He's moving to the iPad. Leo says it may be a memory issue, not a processor power issue. The crashing is happening when the model is too big for the model to load.

eDrawings is a good app for both Android and iOS that will do it.