Windows Surface

How do I add a standard user account in Windows?

Microsoft Surface 3

Episode 1700

Tom from Torrance, CA

Tom just bought a Microsoft Surface 3 and he'd like to set it up with a standard user account. How does he do that? Leo says that the first thing Tom wants to do is enabled User Access Control (UAC). This will give you a popup to make sure anything being installed is something you want to install. But to add a new user, go into the control panel and add a new user, making sure to give them standard user rights. Then use that account, rather than the Admin account. Settings. Account. Other Users. Add User.

How can I backup my text messages to my Mac?

eCamm PhoneView

Episode 1196

Dina from Manhattan Beach, CA

Dina wants to download her iPhone text messages with time and date. Leo says that the nice thing about the Apple environment is that they all work together. So the program that she uses for text messages, also works on the Mac if she sets it up that way. Then all the messages will appear there.

Another option is eCamm's Phoneview for $30. Dina can try before she buys and it will let her save all of her messages and data. They come in a PDF format when she saves them.

What was Microsoft thinking with Surface RT?

Microsoft Surface RT

Episode 1144

Jack from Middletown, CT

Jack has an original Chromebook which he gave it to his daughter and it's now broken. Leo says that's not a bad thing since there are better Chromebooks out there for around $200. But Jack also has a Windows Surface RT tablet and he's wondering what Microsoft was thinking! He thinks it's useless.

Leo says that Microsoft realized that, and doesn't even sell the RT anymore. It was so confusing because it couldn't run software from one Windows platform to another, but it was an attempt to do what the iPad does. It failed rather spectacularly as an ill conceived experiment.

What tablet should I get for my business?

Microsoft Surface Tablet

Episode 977

Kyle from Irvine, CA

Kyle is looking to get a tough tablet and wants to know which is best. Leo says that it largely depends on what Kyle is going to use it for. Leo has a hunch that because of Kyle's work, a Windows Surface Pro tablet would be ideal.

Ultimately, Leo recommends looking at the software he'd want to use on it, and then determine which platform it would run on. Choose the tablet based on the software it would be able to run.