Windows Phone 8

When will a new Windows Phone 10 be out?

Nokia Lumia 1520

Episode 1196

Pete from Clinton Township, MI

Pete is a huge Windows Phone 8 fan. What model should he get? Leo says that the Lumia 1520 is the current flagship, but there's talk that a new model will be coming out soon for Windows Phone 10. But Leo hears that the current beta version of the Windows Phone 10 OS isn't all that great, and he's thinking that it won't be until late Fall. Leo wonders if Microsoft is going to stay in the phone business. It may be a good idea to stick with the Lumia 1520.

Why doesn't my banking app work on my Windows Phone?

Windows Lumia 540

Episode 1181

Zach from Encinitas, CA

Zach has a Windows Lumia phone and he's heard that Chase is going to stop allowing access to his mobile app. Leo says that's because while the Windows phone OS is a great OS, there's simply not enough people using it to justify the effort. Banking apps have to announce and kill apps because of security issues. He may still be able to use online banking through the phone's browser, though.

Should I make the switch from Windows Phone to Android or iPhone?

Episode 1158

Ron from Charlotte, NC

Since banks have stopped supporting Windows Phone, and since Apple Pay is very popular, Ron is thinking about making a switch from Windows Phone to either the iPhone or an Android phone. Thoughts? Leo says that it is a blow to Microsoft that banks have dropped their support. It's too bad because the hardware is great, especially with its cameras and elegant operating system. The real problem is, that Microsoft came very late to the game and there was no way to play catchup.

Does Windows Phone have the apps that iPhone and Android have?

Episode 1133

Nan from Los Angeles, CA

Nan has a Droid Incredible but she's looking to change to a Windows phone. She's worried about apps not being available. Leo says that Microsoft has done a great job with Windows Phone 8, and the hardware is great with the Nokia Lumia (it has a great camera). But the issue is that Microsoft is late to the app game and developers have been slow coming to the Windows platform, especially Google.

Back to Android, the Motorola Moto X is really good, but the battery life can be a challenge if she's a heavy user. The Motorola Droid Turbo has a much larger battery.

Is there a cross platform app development option?


Episode 1116

Dave from Ayersville, OH

Dave is looking to get into App development. He'd like to make apps for multiple platforms, and wants to know if there's a cross platform environment that makes it easier. Leo says that developing natively is always the best option, but cross platform is very popular with developers who don't want to triple their effort. Different platforms use different languages, though.

What should I get for my first smartphone?

Episode 1067

RJ from California

RJ is looking to upgrade to his first smartphone. He has an old Apple Computer running Snow Leopard. Leo says that since RJ is in the Apple universe, the iPhone is probably the best option. It's certainly the most popular for Mac users. But for someone who has never used a smartphone, a Windows 8 phone is also a great option. It doesn't have as many apps, but as someone just starting out, he won't miss them. Nokia makes the best ones. Android may be a bit too much for a beginner, but that's the third option.

How can I transfer my data from an old phone to a new phone?

Episode 1022

Fred from Torrance, CA

Fred is going to be changing his service to T-Mobile and he wants to know if he can connect the old phone with the new phone and transfer everything via Bluetooth. Leo says it depends on whether or not there's app support on both the phones. Motorola and HTC have migration apps that do just that. Not everything, but critical things. Both phones have to have it, though.

Is a New CEO Part of Microsoft's Purchase of Nokia?

Episode 1011

Microsoft has bought Nokia phones with plans to follow Google's lead and make their own phones. Leo also says it's fueled speculation that this puts Nokia CEO Stephen Elop on the short list to succeed Steve Balmer as the head of Microsoft. Could it be that is part of the deal?

There's also a rumor, reported by Jim Kramer, that outgoing Ford CEO Alan Mullaly will be temporary CEO of Microsoft. Leo says that's unlikely because Mulally, while the perfect choice, is retiring.