Windows Phone 7

Is Windows Phone 7 safe without getting updates?

Apple iPhone 5s

Episode 1103

Don from Los Angeles, CA

Don has a Windows Phone 7, he's noticing that the security updates are about to run out, and he's concerned about security. Leo says that it's not really cause for concern. He's not using the latest or greatest, but it's such a small market share, that malicious software simply isn't attacking it. Don would like to switch to the iPhone. Leo says he can. It's a good next stop in the smartphone game, and it's very secure. It's not perfect, but at the crossroads of security and convenience, Apple does a great job. In general, smartphones are very secure anyway.

Steve Ballmer To Retire From Microsoft

Episode 1008

Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer has announced he will retire as CEO of the company in one year. Ballmer, who's tenure at the helm is best described as rocky, said his biggest regret were the problems with creating Vista. Leo says that Ballmer's inability to see rising trends has been his achilles heal. Microsoft was very late to develop a compelling smartphone, and the Surface RT caused Microsoft to write off almost $200 million. Windows 8's metro and desktop interfaces have also caused a lot of confusion among users.

I'm stuck in a 2 year agreement, but want to upgrade to Windows 8 phone. What can I do?

Episode 920

Rob from Boston, MA

Rob decided to switch and went from the iPhone to the Nokia Lumia 900 running Windows Phone 7. But now he's stuck since Windows Phone 8 won't be backward compatible. The Lumia 920 is coming and he's stuck in a 2 year contract! Leo says he understands that, cause he gets stuck that way as well. This is why he buys phones unlocked and unsubsidized. It's more expensive, but over the long run, it's actually cheaper.

Are there going to be better apps available on Windows Phones?

Episode 919

Jim from Temecula, CA

Leo says that Microsoft has been slow in releasing the software development kit (SDK) for the Windows Phone platform and most developers are focusing on iOS and Android. So it's unlikely that the app availability will get any better any time soon. It would take at least a year to build up the app ecosystem. That's why Leo would advise making a switch to one of the other two platforms.

What mobile phone would be best for my mother?

Episode 903

Ken from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Ken has been thinking about getting his mother an iPhone, but Leo thinks the iPhone may be too complicated for elderly parents. Leo got his mother the Jitterbug, and she loves it. It has big buttons, emergency urgent response buttons, and features that help older callers. In Canada, there's the Doro phone, which is recommended by AARP. Members can get the Doro for $10 a month.