Windows Phone

Is the One Plus 7 a good phone?

OnePlus 7 Pro

Episode 1674

Anthony from Ventura, California

Anthony wants to know if he can still get a Nokia Windows smartphone. Leo says that Microsoft bought Nokia and came to the smartphone market with a Windows phone too late. By then, developers and carriers had already put their money on Android and iOS. Plus, Banks didn't support it with any apps. The sad part is, the Windows phone was a great phone. It just came too late.

How can I save text messages from an old Windows Phone?

Transfer My Data for Windows Phone

Episode 1390

Todd from Detroit, MI

Todd needs an app that will allow him to backup text messages from his girlfriend's old Windows phone. Leo says that there's an app in the Windows Phone Store called Transfer My Data that will allow her to export those messages to the SD card slot on the phone. There's also an app called Message Backup. Then she can import them to an Android phone using apps in the Google Play Store.

How can I transfer data from my old Windows phone to my new Android phone?

Google Sync

Episode 1389

Ted from Norwalk, CA

Ted bought an old Nokia cell phone but he can't hear anyone when he calls. He's going to get a new one, but he needs to go from Windows Phone to Android. How can he do that? Leo says that Google is his friend! He should sync his phone with Gmail and Google Contacts and then when he logs into his new phone, it'll all be there. Even the email will be there because it's IMAP, and it'll still be on his old IMAP servers as well.

Is there a good alternative to Blackberry?

Episode 1368

James from Laguna Beach, CA

James loved his Blackberry Z10. Leo says that the Blackberry OS was great for it's time but its time to move to Android because they didn't have the resources to develop separate apps for such a limited market. In the end, it's really down to iOS and Android. The Blackberry Priv was a good Android device with a physical keyboard. The recently announced KeyONE is Blackberry's latest handset but it's not an improvement in the keyboard department.

What is the HP Elite Windows Phone?

Episode 1322

Bob from Albequerque, NM

Bob wants to know what Leo thinks of the HP Elite mobile phone. Leo says it's pretty cool. It has a huge 6" screen. It's supposed to be a computer too, using Microsoft's continuum technology. You get a dock and a plug in laptop shell that turns it into a laptop. It's pretty clever. It's basically like Windows RT, though, so it will only run Windows Store apps. Bob should understand that it's the first phone of its type and if it works, he can expect that a Windows Surface phone will be coming. Leo recommends waiting and seeing what happens.

The Verge: "Windows Phone Is Dead"

Microsoft Lumia phone

Episode 1257

Tom Warren wrote this week on The Verge that Windows Phone is dead after Microsoft reported its earnings. We have learned that Microsoft had sold 4.5 million Lumia devices in the past year, down from 10.5 million year over year. The worst news is that when you include Microsoft and Nokia together over the entire time they've been selling these Windows phones, they sold a total of 110 million. That seems like a lot, but compared to iOS and Android at the same time, they were selling 4.5 billion phones. When you look at the sudden drop year over year, it's gone down 57%.

When will a new Windows Phone 10 be out?

Nokia Lumia 1520

Episode 1196

Pete from Clinton Township, MI

Pete is a huge Windows Phone 8 fan. What model should he get? Leo says that the Lumia 1520 is the current flagship, but there's talk that a new model will be coming out soon for Windows Phone 10. But Leo hears that the current beta version of the Windows Phone 10 OS isn't all that great, and he's thinking that it won't be until late Fall. Leo wonders if Microsoft is going to stay in the phone business. It may be a good idea to stick with the Lumia 1520.

A Recap of Microsoft's Build 2015 Conference

Episode 1183

At the Build 2015 conference, Microsoft announced that developers will be able to write an app for Windows 10 that will work on all platforms, including the desktop and phone. And in a last ditch effort to save the Windows Phone platform, Microsoft has begun offering support to mobile app developers to port their programs from iOS or Android to run on it. Candy Crush and Cut the Rope have recently announced Windows Phone versions.