Windows Home Server

Can I create a media server out of Windows Home Server?

Episode 1043

Earl from Reston, VA

Earl bought an HP Windows Home Server and now that it's not supported by Microsoft anymore, he wants to know if he can convert it to a media server. Leo says sure! Just because Microsoft doesn't support Windows Home server doesn't mean it won't work anymore. It's fairly straight forward to set up. The real challenge will be digitizing everything. Once it's all digitized, it can be stored and made available by all computers on Earl's network. Paul Thurrott of was a huge fan of Windows Home Server.

Is there an alternative to Windows Home Server now that it's been discontinued? (Part 1)

Episode 891

Mohammed from Cairo, Egypt

He could get Microsoft's Server 2012, which has most of the same features. Windows 8 also has many of the same features. It depends on what his needs are exactly because there are a number of open source alternatives. Leo recommends keeping up with Paul Thurrott's and listening to Windows Weekly on He'll be looking for replacements for Windows Home Server since he really liked that product too.

Why Won't Windows Home Server 2011 Install on Windows Vista?

Episode 881

Theo from Medicine Hat Alberta, Canada

Theo says he has a 64 bit processor and he's running 32 bit Windows, and thinks that might have something to do with it. Leo says it shouldn't matter that he's using a 32 bit version of Windows on a 64 bit processor. All processors are 64 bit and can run 32 bit operating systems. Theo says whenever he initiates the setup for Windows Home Server, it tells him the version he's trying to install isn't compatible with the version of Windows he's running.