Windows 8

Is it true that Xbox One has more than one operating system?

Episode 982

Matthew from Charlotte, NC

Matthew hears that the XBox One has more than one operating system. Leo says it actually has three! Under the hood, it has the central core of Windows 8. On top of that is Microsoft's HyperV, which switches in context. Lastly, there's the gaming interface for XBox. Leo says it's not really three separate operating systems so much as different user interfaces. The interesting thing is that Microsoft is using the Windows 8 kernel (even though they refuse to call it that), and Leo says it's going to be a very powerful PC with a gaming system on top of it.

How can I get my HP printer to work?

Episode 977

Bob from Rohnert Park, CA

Bob has an HP printer that's acting up and HP's support is useless. Leo says that HP is so underwhelming these days. If uninstalling the driver and reinstalling didn't work, then it's possible that the spooler file is locked and can't be written to, and it's crashing instead. Leo recommends trying to boot into safe mode. Also be sure that the drivers are Windows 8 compatible. He should also try and create a new user account on the PC and see if that works.

Are there things to like about Windows 8?

Episode 977

Tom from Brea, CA

Tom has Windows 8 and likes it, but would much rather have a start button. Leo says he can press the Windows Key and it'll go into the desktop, which is beneficial. He also customizes his metro interface for him, which is something that most people don't realize is possible. Tom also says he loves the search feature because all he needs to do is start typing and it'll bring stuff up. Leo agrees, that is very easy. He also really likes the Mail app in Windows 8.

Microsoft Announces 100 Million Copies of Windows 8

Episode 977

Microsoft announced that this week they sold their 100 millionth license of Windows 8. Leo says that while that sounds impressive, it doesn't mean there's a 100 million copies of Windows out there, just that 100 million licenses have been sold to retailers and manufacturers.

Despite 100 million licenses sold, Windows 8 install base estimated at 59 million…

How do I shut down my computer in Windows 8? (Part 2)

Episode 975

Scott (GScott) from Lake Tahoe, NV

Scott can't find where in Windows 8 he can shut down his computer. Leo says it's in the "charms bar." He just needs to move the mouse to the right, or hit Windows key + C, and click on the settings icon. Under that, he'll see the power button to select shut down. For a Windows 8 tablet, it really isn't important to turn it off.

Should I upgrade my old Windows XP desktop or get a new PC?

Episode 975

Mike from Syracuse, NY

Mike has an old XP Windows desktop, and the hard drive is getting a bit noisy. Leo says that's the first sign of hard drive failure. Being proactive and replacing it now before it goes down permanently is a good idea. He should back up his data and then replace it. Hard drives are cheap. Should he upgrade to a newer version of Windows? Leo says yes, if for no other reason because Microsoft will end of life XP next April. There will be no updates or security patches.

Is there a way to recover a Windows password?

Episode 973

Jim from United Kingdom

Jim has built his own Windows Computer. He likes that the new Windows 8 just requires a 4 digit pin to log in, but he's lost the password and didn't choose the PIN. Leo says that worst case scenario, he can reinstall Windows and start over. Leo also says that LastPass is great for things like this because he can have both on his smartphone as well and look it up if he forgets it. He'd also get a real strong password in the process.