Windows 8

Should I wait for Windows 8 to come out before buying a new desktop? (Part 2)

Episode 889

Marilyn from Los Angeles, CA

The good news is that if she buys a Dell now, she'll be able to upgrade to Windows 8 for $15. Leo wouldn't upgrade though because he believes the best version of Windows is still Windows 7. Windows 8 is really designed for a touch interface, and she'd want to get hardware designed to work with it.

I've developed software that depends on Windows having kiosk mode. Will Windows 8 have that capability?

Episode 886

Sam from Downey, CA

All versions so far have had a kiosk mode, so Leo can't imagine that the functionality wouldn't be there in Windows 8. Sam wants his software to enable kiosk mode when in use, and Leo thinks since it's just a registry key modification, he could include that.

Should I wait until Windows 8 is out before getting a new desktop?

Episode 886

Elizabeth from Hermosa Beach, CA

No, she really shouldn't feel she has to wait for it. Windows 8 will not be out until September or possibly October. The hardware for Windows 8 could also be different. Leo's opinion is that Windows 7 is still the best version of Windows ever, and he's very skeptical about Windows 8. If she bought a PC today, most of them offer a $15 upgrade to Windows 8 when it's released so she could still get it if she wanted it. But since Windows 8 is so tablet-like, it really begs for a touch screen.

Many of my tiles disappeared in Windows 8. How can I get them back?

Episode 884

Wendell from Sweetwater, TX

Those tiles may have just been "unpinned" from the Start page. Leo says he can just start typing the name of the app in the Start page, and it will launch a list of all the apps. It will either jump to that app right away or he can find it with his mouse. Then once it comes up, he can "pin" it to the Start page. Wendell says when he types the name of an app, it says that no apps match his search query. Leo says he'll probably just have to reinstall Windows 8. It is just a preview, and there still could be some unexplained issues.

Why can't I get Windows Media Center loaded on Windows 8?

Episode 880

George from North Carolina

Windows 8 Release Preview does not have Windows Media Center, but Leo suggests going to Paul Thurrott's He has a complete guide for Windows 8, including installing Windows Media Center. Essentially, he will need to type "Add Features" in the settings, enter the product key and Windows will install the proper version.