Windows 8

A Hands-On Look at the Microsoft Surface Tablet

Episode 921

Leo says that the Surface RT tablet running Windows 8 is a nice tablet. Very nice hardware with stunning graphics. With the Surface RT, it's clear that Microsoft is moving away from the desktop. It's more than an iPad, but also less than an iPad. It's very unique, and there's a lot of innovation in the OS. Microsoft is making it really attractive by including Microsoft Office (minus Outlook). It's not really a serious business computer, but for a consumer who prefers Windows, it's a solid alternative.

Will my new laptop be able to upgrade to Windows 8?

Episode 915

Bobby from San Bernadino, CA

Absolutely. It may cost about $15 for the upgrade, but any computer made from the last few years will be able to go up to Windows 8.

Bobby also just bought a "lifetime" subscription to Viper AntiVirus. Leo says that AVS companies are going lifetime subscriptions now to get the most money out of you since Windows 8 will ship with an AVS for free later this year, and most people won't buy a subscription ever again. But even so, $90 for three computers isn't too bad at all.

Why is my computer running so hot now when I open several windows in Chrome?

Episode 906

Cassy from Pomona, CA

Cassy has a Dell Desktop, running Google Chrome, and now she's noticing her computer is running hot when she's opening several windows. The PC is five years old and runs XP. Leo says that it's likely that the computer has a blanket of dust inside of it, and it's starting to run hot as a result.

Can I get the $40 upgrade to Windows 8 from the Consumer Preview with a Windows Vista key?

Windows 8

Episode 902

Robert from Charleston, SC

Robert had a hard drive die, and it had the recovery partition for Windows Vista on it. He put the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 on a new hard drive, and now is wondering whether that Windows Vista key will work to upgrade to the real version of Windows 8.

Leo says this is kind of unknown. The chatroom is divided over whether the consumer preview of Windows 8 will be upgradeable, although the RTM definitely will not. Leo recommends that he call Microsoft and tell them about his hard drive that died, and they'll probably help him with buying the $40 upgrade to Windows 8.

Why don't my USB ports work with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview?

Episode 901

John from Jacksonville, FL

Leo says that is strange, but it is just a preview. It's likely that John will need to either reinstall Windows 8 or go back to Windows 7. He can even contact the manufacturer or his computer and ask them to send him the recovery discs. They'll probably do that for around $10.

It's important for everyone to know that they should be careful not to install these previews or evaluation copies on a primary computer.

Would Windows 8 be better for a blind person with its built-in screen reader capability?

Episode 890

Kathy from Maryland

Kathy currently has Windows XP, but she'll have to upgrade soon since it won't be supported by Microsoft much longer. Accessibility, or the operating system's ability to accommodate people with different abilities, will probably be much better in Windows 8 since it was a high priority for Microsoft. Windows 7 currently has "Narrator", and it looks like Windows 8 will have an improved and updated version of that.