Windows 8

Not Everyone Agrees That Windows 8 Is a Failure

Episode 942

Leo mentioned that Windows 8 seemed to him to be a failure, but not everyone agrees. Several Twitter users replied to him saying that they generally liked Windows 8.

There's a utility called RetroUI that doesn't exactly turn it into Windows 7, but does bring back a more traditional Start menu. This could help those who are having difficulty in the Windows 8 interface. This isn't exactly a vote of confidence for the new operating system, though. Leo doesn't see a reason to upgrade if you're happy with Windows 7.

How can I downgrade my Windows 8 computer to Windows 7?

Episode 942

Bruce from Springfield, MO

Leo says that he'd have to make a real effort to get Windows 7 these days, so that's tough. The problem for Bruce is that there's not drivers for Windows 8 for the printers he's using. Could Bruce use the old hard drive and just plug it in and run Windows Vista on the new PC? Leo says not really. Some things won't work and Microsoft will get a report that he's not using the same computer and he'll have to re-register.

Do you have any tips on using Windows 8?

Episode 939

Dale from Covina, CA

Dale is using Windows 8 and is a bit frustrated by it. Leo says that using a Windows 8 keyboard will help. The Windows Key will enable her to do a ton of things. Leo also says that if she just starts typing in the Metro interface/Start Screen, it'll automatically show her the right program based on what she starts typing. Leo also says that there's a learning curve that takes a few weeks before she'll get used to it. After that, if it doesn't get easier, maybe downgrading to Windows 7 will be a better choice for Dale.

A Look Back at 2012

Microsoft Surface

Episode 939

There were three new iPads (the iPad 3 in March, the iPad 4 in October, and the iPad Mini). iOS 6 dumped Google Maps in favor of Apple Maps, which was a huge failure. Samsung took off with the Galaxy SIII and Note I/II. 3D went over like a lead balloon in televisions. So much so that TV manufacturers stopped including glasses with purchases. Facebook broke a billion regular users, and celebrated by buying Instagram while their IPO tanked on the first day.

Are PCs being replaced by portable computers?

Episode 922

In what Steve Jobs referred to as the "post PC era," it seems like most of the latest product announcements have been mobile computers. The iPad Mini, the 4th Generation iPad, and even Microsoft's Surface RT (which Leo has now and is really liking it) are all examples of this. Even when Google announced the ChromeBook, did the tech world utter a collective yawn?

The post PC era may be here, but even Apple recognizes that the desktop isn't completely dead. Apple announced refreshed versions of the Mac Mini, 13" Macbook Pro with Retina screen, and a very gorgeous iMac.