Windows 8

How can I fix my WiFi issues in Windows 8?

Dell Latitude

Episode 953

Daniel from Hemit, Ca

Daniel has a Dell Windows 8 laptop and it won't hold a WiFi connection. Leo says there may be a hardware issue. Of course, Daniel talked to Dell and they want to charge him $250 to fix it even though he has an extended warranty!

Leo also says that WiFi issues are hard to diagnose and Windows 8 has trouble with 802.11n. So Leo says he could try 802.11G and see if that works. He can change it in the WiFi settings. Dan may also need to go into the router settings as well.

How can I get FireWire to work in Windows 8?

Episode 953

David from Cambria, CA

David upgraded to Windows 8, but he's lost his firewire connection as a result. Leo says that upgrading an old PC to Windows 8 usually isn't recommended, but it sounds like David needs to get a firewire driver from the motherboard manufacturer. There's no indication that Windows 8 doesn't support it. He just would need the driver. Leo also says that doing a clean install wiped out all the older drivers, this is one case where an upgrade may have been the better move.

How can I get my copy of Microsoft Office installed on Windows 8?

Episode 948

Dawn from Dana Point, CA

Dawn also has a bunch of Office programs and she can't install them. Leo says they're likely OEM versions that can't be installed on another computer. The new Office 2013 is a good option for $100 a year for up to 5PCs. There's also Google Docs, or ZoHo Office. There's a free open source Office suite called Libre Office. The chatroom says that voice dictation is part of Windows 8 natively, and it supports Libre.

Can I downgrade to Windows 7 on my new computer?

Windows 7

Episode 947

Mary from Huntington Beach, CA

Mary bought a new computer with Windows 8 because she couldn't find a new computer with Windows 7. She's having issues with printer errors and her email freezing up. Can she just wipe Windows 8 and install Windows 7? Leo says he gets that question a lot and many people are choosing that option. He's torn on the issue because it's always better to be updated to the recent OS, if possible, and if she can bypass the touch interface, Windows 8 is great. She shouldn't be having basic problems like this, though.