Windows 8.1

How can I fix corrupted files in Windows 8?

Episode 1079

Cheryl from Orange County, CA

Cheryl got a new Dell Inspiron computer and upgraded to Windows 8.1. But she's discovered that there's corrupt files. Dell wants to charge her $300 to upgrade her coverage plan even though her warranty is still in force. Leo says since she bought an extended warranty through Office Depot, they should be responsible to fix it, not Dell. Leo says that Cheryl should make her own recovery discs, or she may have a hidden partition with the Windows 8 installer.

Can Windows 8 run on a laptop with no touch screen?

Episode 1078

Steve from Culver City, CA

Steve wants to upgrade to a better laptop with Windows 7, but he doesn't want a touch screen. Best Buy is telling him they aren't available anymore and Windows 8 without touch has problems. Leo says that's just nonsense. Windows 8.1 is great with a mouse and no touch screen. It's stunning how poorly educated brick and mortar sales people have become.

Leo says go ahead and get one with Windows 8.1. It'll run just fine.

Is Microsoft giving Windows 8 away?

Episode 1061

Tom from Brea, CA

Tom likes Windows 8 and saw that Microsoft may be giving away Windows 8.1. Leo heard that and they pretty much give away 8.1 to people who own Windows 8 already. It would be a clever move to do so, but Leo can't really imagine them doing that since Microsoft is a software company, unless they're reinventing themselves again. It just barely passed Windows Vista in market saturation. People just don't trust it because the word went out that Windows 8 is terrible.

Are all new laptops carrying Windows 8?

Episode 1060

Jeff from Simi Valley, CA

Jeff is looking for a new laptop and all he sees are models with Windows 8. Leo says that's true and it's likely because Microsoft is moving to a touch based system. Leo says that's the trend and moving forward, all laptops will have it. If he's getting a laptop, he may as well get one that has a touch screen because of Windows 8. But he can still get some Windows 7 machines. Dell carries them currently, but this will stop October 31.

Is Windows Encryption safe?

Episode 1056

Brad from San Jose, CA

Brad is planning to build a Windows 8.1 rig and is curious as to how Windows 8 will handle the SSD drive and if Windows eDrive will be good encryption. Leo says it will work just fine. And you really do need to encrypt anything you put on an SSD drive because it doesn't really delete everything. But encryption software from Microsoft may have a back door on it for the Feds. But if that's not your worry, then Windows E will work great for basic protection. But if you're really paranoid and concerned, then Leo advises using TrueCrypt.

Can I install Windows 8 on an XP machine?

Episode 1048

Georgeanne from Upland, CA

Georgeanne is worried that when Microsoft stops supporting Windows XP, will she be able to install and use Windows 8 on her old computer? Leo says support for Windows XP will end April 8th. At that point, she won't even get important security updates. Microsoft's attitude is that very few older computers running XP will run Windows 8.1. She could run the Windows upgrade assistant, but it's unlikely.