Windows 8.1

Why can't I upgrade to Windows 10?

Microsoft Windows 10

Episode 1211

Michael from Arizona

Michael hasn't been able to get the Windows 10 download, so he tried to download the ISO and install it. Leo says that it's possible that not all of the hardware was compatible and that's why he didn't get an invitation. But he has a problem that when he plugs in the power, his screen goes blank. Leo says to hit Windows Key + i and go to Recovery. Then he can roll back to a previous version of Windows 8.1. He has 30 days to do that. Then he can restore to the original factory state and try it again. That's how Leo did it and he was able to upgrade and activate it.

Should I update to Windows 10?

Episode 1200

Gail from Covina, CA

Gail has decided to "learn to love" Windows 8.1, and is now wondering if it's worth upgrading to Windows 10. Leo says he merely tolerates Windows 8.1, and the good news it that several of its annoying features such as the charms bar are going away in Windows 10. The Start button will also return with a hybrid menu that combines the traditional Start menu with the Windows 8 tile interface. Leo foresees some issues with that interface, though, since it will cause more clutter when adding programs.

How can I get my wireless connection working again on my PC?

Episode 1194

Paul from Carlsbad, CA

Paul has a one year old HP desktop and he's having issues with his wireless connection after removing McAfee and installing a new version. Leo says he's not a fan of McAfee, or that HP puts it on the computer (called trialware) to make a little money on the side. It causes all kinds of problems like this. Here's a technote that talks about this issue:

Should I get Windows 7 or Windows 8.1?

Episode 1176

Alan from Simi Valley, CA

Alan is trying to decide whether to get Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. Leo says that Microsoft dropped the ball with Windows 8.1 because it's confusing. There are two versions of programs on it, one for the tablet and one for the desktop part. Leo advises getting Windows 7, because Windows 10 will be a free upgrade this summer. That way he can just leapfrog over 8.1 to Windows 10. Leo's been using Windows 10 and likes it. It solves a great deal of problems.