Windows 7

Why can't I upgrade to Windows 10?

Episode 1241

Michael from Santa Clarita, CA

Michael bought a Dell computer from Costco running Windows 7. Now he wants to upgrade to Windows 10 and he can't seem to do it. He's been told that the BIOS thinks it's running Windows 8.1 doesn't recognize Windows 7. Leo says he can try running the Windows 10 ISO directly. Michael says he's tried that, but it didn't work. Now Dell wants him to install a new motherboard. Leo says he should take Windows 8.1 recovery disks and get it back to the day it came from the store with Windows 8.1. Then try and Windows 10 upgrade. It should work after that.

Can I replace Windows 8.1 on my new laptop with Windows 7?

Episode 1227

Jim from Bellflower, CA

Jim just bought an HP laptop with Windows 8.1, and he doesn't like the operating system. He's wondering if he can get Windows 7 instead. Leo says he could buy Windows 7, or he could call HP and tell them he doesn't like that operating system. It used to be possible to select Windows 7 on a new computer from certain manufacturers instead of Windows 8.1, but that's becoming less common now that Windows 10 is out. Leo says Jim will get an offer to upgrade to Windows 10 soon, and Leo suggests doing that. Windows 10 is a lot more like Windows 7.

Is it possible to make the Windows 7 library work like Windows XP?

Episode 1225

Jeff from Ontario, Canada

Jeff wants to know if it's possible to make Windows 7 emulate Windows XP. He's confused about what the "library" is. Leo says he should think of it like a canned search. It's a saved search that will push files together into a result that looks like an actual folder, but it isn't. Leo says it isn't possible to emulate this, it's just a new feature of Windows 7. But at least it's not taking up space.

When should I upgrade to Windows 10?

Episode 1222

Joe from Gardena, CA

Joe is trying to decide if he should upgrade to Windows 10. Leo says that some people love it and others have had "tales of woe." Leo says that most of those are due to people jumping the gun and trying to install Windows 10 directly, rather than waiting until they are invited to. When invited, your computer has passed the compatibility checker and you will receive an invite. That's when it's a good time to upgrade.

How can I multi boot Windows 10?

Episode 1221

Bruce from Los Angeles, CA

Bruce has a boot loader that loads either Windows 7 or Windows 2000 for certain applications. Will upgrading to Windows 10 mess this up? Leo says it should be savvy enough to handle it, but it will wipe out Windows 7 if he accepts the upgrade. Leo suggests not doing the upgrade. Bruce should instead install it separately and see if it asks him if he wants to create a multi OS system. If not, Leo advises using NeoSmart EasyBCD.

Why does Windows XP keep installing the Malicious Software Removal Tool?

Episode 1219

Lee from San Diego, CA

Lee still uses Windows XP and it keeps installing the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool even though it's already been installed. Leo says it's normal for the MSRT to be updated every month. That's the idea.

Would Windows 7 run most of the programs that Lee uses in XP? Leo says yes, unless it's been abandoned by the author. Windows 7 Pro has a great compatibility mode for just that. So upgrading to Windows 7 is a good idea. And he should always remember to run as a limited user.

Why can't I get Windows updates on my laptop?

Episode 1215

John from Riverside, CA

John has his laptop set to auto updates, but his laptop shows that no updates have been installed. Leo says that there's no need to rush to that conclusion. If he's upgraded to service pack 1, then he has them all. Failed updates will cause updates from not being able to add anymore. So if he has a failed update, then google "microsoft troubleshooter windows update." He'll find how tos on how to remove the stuck update and then he can reinstall it. Not unusual, but he really should fix it. Blocked updates will prevent him from updating his OS, and that's a bad thing.

How can I update an old Windows laptop?

Episode 1214

Walter from Huntington, WV

Walter's sister had a Windows 7 laptop that hasn't been connected for a few years. When he connected it, the automatic updates didn't install. Leo says that she's so far behind, it'll take a half day to get all the updates, it'll probably have to be updated manually. Walter should check for updates and then install all the updates that pop up. He doesn't have to install the optional updates though, just the critical ones.