Windows 7

Will I be able to use Windows 7 in the future?

Episode 1262

Laura from South Carolina

Laura wants to know if upgrading to Windows 10 will prevent her from going back to Windows 7. Leo says that she can go back within 30 days, and after that, she could just install over it with no problems. But next year, Microsoft is going to probably stop supporting it for newer hardware because of upcoming processors. She'd be able to use it on older hardware, but moving forward, Windows 10 is the way to go.

Do I need to defrag my Windows computer?

Windows defrag

Episode 1259

Jane from Manhattan Beach, CA

Jane has been told to clean up and defrag her desktop every week. Is that correct? Leo says no. It's not necessary to defrag anymore as modern operating systems take care of this on their own. Additionally, for solid state drives, defragmenting is meaningless. Jane also doesn't need to use "CCleaner" to clean up her registry either. In fact, she could make things worse by trying to clean her registry. Sure, she can delete temporary files and clear caches, but all that stuff can be done directly in Windows.

Why isn't Wi-Fi working on my Dell XPS?

Dell XPS 13

Episode 1256

Camden from Indiana

Camden is having issues with his Dell XPS' Wi-Fi connection. He's running Windows 7. Leo says to make sure Camden has the right driver from Dell. This would be the motherboard drivers, because most modern laptops don't have a separate card for it anymore. Leo has seen this happen with his Windows 10 Dell XPS 13, and he'd have to reboot for the Wi-Fi to come back. But when Leo uses Linux Mint with the Broadcom driver, he never has any issues.

How can I transfer my OS to my new SSD?

Episode 1256

Charles from Oxnard, CA

Charles just bought a new SSD and he wants to know how he can transfer Windows 7 to it. Leo says Charles will need to have the license key to do it. Then all he needs to do is install the Windows 7 ISO, which he can download from Microsoft, input the license key, and he'll be good to go. If he can't find the product key, Charles can use Belarc Advisor, which will help him find it.

Where did my data go?

Episode 1255

Rick from LaVerne, CA

Rick has had issues with all his data, favorites, and icons all disappearing. What's happening? Leo says that Windows Home Folder keeps all the stuff in it and it could be that the home directory for his log in became corrupt. It ends up logging him on with a temporary profile. Leo says that's a sure fire indication that his profile is somehow damaged. It could either be a hard drive error or a Windows error. The good news is that the data is probably still there, but he just can't see it in his account. It's likely an indication that his hard drive is starting to go South.

Why can't I update Windows 7?

Episode 1254

Jack from Riverside, CA

Jack had to replace his hard drive. He updated to Windows 10 and rolled back to Windows 7, but now it won't update any fixes. Leo says this is another reason to not buy a Windows machine. This happens when an update gets blocked or doesn't complete and until it does, you can't get the next update.

Jack could just reinstall Windows 7 and start again. That's the easiest way. He can try resetting the update here with these instructions from, but it may be easier to just start over.

How can I downgrade to Windows 7?

Episode 1253

Julia from Milwaukee, OR

Julia upgraded to Windows 10 and she doesn't like it at all. She wants to downgrade, but the problem is that she is past the 30 day downgrade window. Leo says that at this point, the only thing she can do is get out her Windows 7 disc, wipe the drive, and reinstall. Her computer may not have come with one, which is common. She did make system recovery discs onto a DVD, however. So it should be a matter of running the install, formatting the hard drive, and getting back up. She may want to put that recovery onto a USB key instead. It'll last longer.

Does Windows 10 support Quicken?

Episode 1247

Carol from OshKosk, WI

Carol is thinking of upgrading to WIndows 10 but she's worried about compatibility with Quicken 2000. Leo advises to contact Intuit to see if they've updated it to support Windows 10. Looking at the Intuit website, Leo finds that Quicken is focused on testing the latest version of Quicken to make sure it works. Leo guesses that since it's 15 years old, it probably won't. but if it works on Windows 7, why fix what isn't broke? She should stick with Windows 7. She's not missing a whole lot.

How can I stop getting badgered to upgrade to Windows 10?

Microsoft Windows 10

Episode 1247

Rick from Phelan, CA

Rick is being bothered relentlessly to upgrade to Windows 10. How can he stop that? Leo says that Windows 10 is good and a free upgrade for all Windows 7 and 8 users isn't a bad thing. If he accepts the offer and installs it, he'll still have 30 days to downgrade. But he doesn't have to upgrade if he has Windows 7. If he has Windows 8, on the other hand, he should definitely do it.

Do I have to upgrade to Windows 10?

Microsoft Windows 10

Episode 1246

Dave from Riverside, CA

Dave is being invited to upgrade to Windows 10, and it's bugging him about it. He's happy with Windows 7, though. Leo says Dave will have up to July 29, 2016 to get the free upgrade. Should he upgrade? Leo says there have been a lot of improvements over Windows 7, and it's far superior to Windows 8. It's more secure and faster. But Windows 7 is pretty rock solid and is going to be supported until 2020.