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Do I need to do a clean install of Windows 10?

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Episode 1512

Mark from Lake Havasu, AZ

Mark is upgrading his Windows 7 laptop to Windows 10. Can he just upgrade or should he do a clean install? Leo says that he still prefers a clean install, but the truth is that the recent Windows 10 update makes clean installs unnecessary. He should still back up, though, just in case. But then he can go ahead and upgrade it. If there's problems, then he can resort to the clean install.

Free Upgrade Period for Windows 10 Has Passed, but There Are Exceptions

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Episode 1309

The general public deadline to get Windows 10 has passed and if you want to upgrade now, it'll cost you $129. However, if you are reliant on assistive technologies like screen readers, and have to wait for those to be upgraded, Microsoft will give you some extra time to upgrade at no cost. Microsoft will update the OS two or three times a year from now on. The first big update is coming next week on August 2nd.

Why hasn't Windows 10 activated?

Episode 1296

Jose from Modesto, CA

Jose has updated to Windows 10, will he have to pay for the update after one year? Leo says no, the free upgrade was only a window of one year to upgrade. After July 29th, you'll have to buy it if you don't upgrade. So upgrade, activate. And then downgrade just so you have access to it in the future, because once you've updated, it's free forever. And Leo thinks that Windows 10 will just keep getting updated and this could be the last version of Windows coming.

Why did my computer upgrade to Windows 10 without my permission?

Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade

Episode 1290

George from Santa Monica, CA

George's Windows machine force upgraded to Windows 10. Microsoft says that upgrading to Windows 10 is "normal behavior" when Automatic Updates are turned on. That will update critical updates by default. There's also 'Recommended Updates' which is also set to automatic by default. Windows 10 was set to be a recommended update, which is why it happened on George's PC.

How can I upgrade my whole family to Windows 10?

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Episode 1260

Bob from Detroit, MI

Bob has been dubbed the family tech support guy and he has to upgrade all of his family member's computers. Leo says that Microsoft is going to soon force all Windows 7 and above users to upgrade to Windows 10. Bob has effectively done that with his family, pushing them to upgrade to the latest versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8 to prepare for it.

Should I upgrade to Windows 10?

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Episode 1230

Lou from San Diego, CA

Lou is wondering if he should wait to upgrade to Windows 10. Leo says that next month will be Microsoft's huge Threshold 2 update, and Leo says it's probably a good idea to wait. He likes Windows 10 a lot, but it's not without some quirks. Some are even having trouble upgrading to it. If Microsoft says he's ready to update, it's probably safe to go ahead. But it won't hurt to wait until next month, especially if he's heavily reliant on his computer.