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How Can I Install Windows With a Local Account?

Windows Install

Episode 1844

Tom from Carson, CA

Tom called back to update Leo about his inability to create a local account to install Windows 10 on his computer. He was about to get around the limitation by disconnecting his router and turning it off. Being completely disconnected from the network and the internet, WIndows allowed him to create a local account to log into Windows 10. Leo says it's a workaround, to be sure, but it works. Sadly, you won't be able to use it on Windows 11. So enjoy it while you can.

Do I Really Need a Microsoft Account for Windows Now?


Episode 1843

Tom from Carson, CA

Tom doesn't like that Microsoft is requiring a Microsoft Account for Windows 11. Leo says that Microsoft really wants users to have an account, but there is a workaround in Windows 10. Tom can create a local account by disconnecting from the internet, and then try creating a Windows account. It will say that something went wrong, and Tom can just SKIP that Window. It should let him use a local account, instead of asking for a Microsoft account. But it will be required in Windows 11 Home Edition and moving forward...except for Windows Pro, which lets him create a local account.

How Can I Roll Back to Windows 7?

Windows 7

Episode 1840

Richard from St. Charles, IL

Richard's friend upgraded his computer to Windows 10. He hates it. Can he roll back to Windows 7? Leo says that there is a limited time to roll back, but he'd advise against it since Windows 7 is no longer supported and is a security risk online. But if you're not planning to connect your computer to the internet, you could reinstall Windows 7 if you have the product key. Here's how -

Why Can't I Overwrite a File in Windows Explorer?

Windows File Explorer

Episode 1840

Alan from North Hollywood, CA

Alan is having issues with File Explorer. It’s preventing him from making a copy of a file. He wants to overwrite a file, not have a new version. Leo says that a recent update may no longer offer the option of overwriting a file. You can do it still, at the command line. There is a “switch” for that. But in the Graphic interface, the behavior seems to have changed and forced versioning. Alan could try r/c on the file and see if the option is there. You can r/c and drag it into the folder. That’s a secret overwrite command.

Why Is Windows Asking Me for My Phone Number to Log In?


Episode 1836

Scott from Arcadia, CA

Scott installed a Windows update and when he logged in, it shows his cell phone. He's now concerned that he won't be able to sign on correctly. Leo says that Microsoft is moving towards a passwordless world because we all hate them. So they are adding an authenticator to your login so that they will send your phone a code, and you input it. Then you're logged in - no password, and very secure. 

Can I Go Online With an Old Vista Computer?

Windows Vista

Episode 1828

Ann from Lyz, MA

Ann has an old Vista computer but she can't get online to it. Leo says you shouldn't be online with a Vista computer because Microsoft stopped supporting it in 2019. The computer Ann has is over ten years old and as such, it's a security risk to get online with it anyway. So Leo recommends keeping it as an offline machine and get a Chromebook for all your online activities. 

Why Can’t I Drag Windows From One Monitor to Another?

HP 24-dp0140z AiO

Episode 1828

Pete from West Texas

Pete has an HP All in One with a second monitor. He wants to drag from one monitor to another but it won't work. Leo says that you need to be sure your screen driver is set to extended desktop, not mirrored. Leo says you may also have the monitors out of order in your display settings. So if you drag the opposite way, it may work fine. Easy fix though. Just rearrange the monitors in your display settings. Systems. Settings. Display.

How Can I Turn Off Annoying Microsoft News Popups in Windows 10?

Windows 10

Episode 1828

Joe from Knoxville, TN

Joe hates that Microsoft News pops up every time he puts the mouse in the lower right-hand corner. He also gets a volume control popup when the mouse goes into the upper left-hand corner. Can he turn them off? Leo says to go to the taskbar and find news and interests. Click on it to remove the check mark and you'll turn it off. As for the volume control, here's how. Leo thinks there's a driver issue there. It's probably corrupted.

How Can I Install a Driver That Windows Won't Let Me Install?


Episode 1825

Daniel from Fresno, CA

Daniel is nearly blind and he recently had to get a new computer monitor. He connected it via VGA, but he's getting strange color bars across the picture. He switched to HDMI and gets no signal. Leo suggests updating the video drivers. If he has trouble installing the drivers, reboot in safe mode and install them. Here's also how to force a driver install.