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Can I Go Online With an Old Vista Computer?

Windows Vista

Episode 1828

Ann from Lyz, MA

Ann has an old Vista computer but she can't get online to it. Leo says you shouldn't be online with a Vista computer because Microsoft stopped supporting it in 2019. The computer Ann has is over ten years old and as such, it's a security risk to get online with it anyway. So Leo recommends keeping it as an offline machine and get a Chromebook for all your online activities. 

Why Can’t I Drag Windows From One Monitor to Another?

HP 24-dp0140z AiO

Episode 1828

Pete from West Texas

Pete has an HP All in One with a second monitor. He wants to drag from one monitor to another but it won't work. Leo says that you need to be sure your screen driver is set to extended desktop, not mirrored. Leo says you may also have the monitors out of order in your display settings. So if you drag the opposite way, it may work fine. Easy fix though. Just rearrange the monitors in your display settings. Systems. Settings. Display.

How Can I Turn Off Annoying Microsoft News Popups in Windows 10?

Windows 10

Episode 1828

Joe from Knoxville, TN

Joe hates that Microsoft News pops up every time he puts the mouse in the lower right-hand corner. He also gets a volume control popup when the mouse goes into the upper left-hand corner. Can he turn them off? Leo says to go to the taskbar and find news and interests. Click on it to remove the check mark and you'll turn it off. As for the volume control, here's how. Leo thinks there's a driver issue there. It's probably corrupted.

How Can I Install a Driver That Windows Won't Let Me Install?


Episode 1825

Daniel from Fresno, CA

Daniel is nearly blind and he recently had to get a new computer monitor. He connected it via VGA, but he's getting strange color bars across the picture. He switched to HDMI and gets no signal. Leo suggests updating the video drivers. If he has trouble installing the drivers, reboot in safe mode and install them. Here's also how to force a driver install.

Back Up Your BitLocker Recovery Key

BitLocker is an encryption tool for Windows users that helps protect data from unauthorized people. It requires Windows Pro, Enterprise, or Education, but is not available for the Home edition. If you have turned on BitLocker from the Control Panel, you should save a copy of the recovery key to your Microsoft Account (or somewhere else secure). If you do not have a way to access this recovery key and cannot authorize another way, you will be forced to format your computer.

Why Does My Display Get Pixelated?


Episode 1819

Joanne from Clairmont, CA

Joanne uses a TCL TV as her PC monitor. But now it's starting to look really pixelated. What gives? Leo says that the TV settings are confusing the computer and she's getting a lower resolution. This is a handshake issue with the HDMI connection. It's one of the reasons why Leo doesn't recommend using a TV as a monitor. Try a different HDMI port first. Or a different cable. The cable could be worn out.  Both are easy things to check first. She can also try CTRL-SHIFT-WINDOWS KEY-B, which will reset the display screen video driver.

Can I Use a Script to Streamline My Windows Installation?


Episode 1819

David from San Diego, CA

David wants to configure Windows to make it run faster. There's a thing called TronScript that promises to streamline it. Leo hasn't used it, so he can't really recommend it. But if it eliminates a lot of Windows bloat, why not try it? Leo has a Powershell script that he runs on every PC he gets to get rid of unwanted apps that can slow a PC down. But be careful and research it thoroughly.

How Can I Migrate My Old PC Apps & Data to a New PC?

action pack

Episode 1818

John from Leesberg, VA

John has an old computer running the latest version of Windows 10. But it's now starting to die out. He'd like to replace it with a new computer. Can he reinstall Windows 10 onto a new computer? Leo says no. He'll need a new version of Windows for that new computer. With Windows 10, Microsoft began tying the OS with the computer (called an entitlement). As such, when he gets a new computer, he needs to install a separate Windows 10 with its own product license.

How Can I Get My Admin Privilege Back in Windows?

Windows 10

Episode 1811

Tim from Wallens, TN

Tim upgraded his Windows 10 OS, but now he's lost access to the administrator account. It won't let him update anything. Leo says it sounds like Windows broke UAC (user account control), which gives that option. Look in there and see if it's been turned off.  He can also check to see if the user name has administrator permissions. Outside of that, Tim needs to look at all the accounts and see which one is set up as an admin, and figure out the password. Tim may also be able to find a Windows 10 password cracking app.

How Can I Upgrade Windows 10 on My Old PC?

Windows 10

Episode 1810

Storm from Texas

Storm's Windows 10 machine is being forced to upgrade to Windows 10 2004, but it fails every time and reverts to version 1909. She can't do anything because of it. Leo says that sometimes a Windows update gets stuck and you can't get past it. Check out this article on how to fix a stuck update. She can also try deleting all the updates and hotfixes and then try and run the update again.