Do I Really Need to Buy a New Computer to Update Windows?


Episode 1848

Don from Springfield, IL

Don turned on his Dell laptop and he got a message that his version of Windows is out of the support range. Does he need a new computer? Leo says no. It's likely that the version of Windows 10 Don has, hasn't been updated in a while. All you have to do is run Windows update. But if your computer is too old, it's possible that updating it may not work for that Windows version. But Leo doesn't think so. Check out this link to Microsoft's end-of-life site.

Can I Run Windows on the M1 Mac?

MacBook Pro 16"

Episode 1848

Andy from New Jeresy

Andy wants to know if he can run Windows on an M1 Mac. Leo says that the M1 processor is based on an ARM processor, and as such, it can't due to an exclusivity contract Microsoft made with Qualcomm. But that deal may be running out soon, and so it could be reworked in the future. But since Apple doesn't run boot camp on Apple Silicon, you may need to run Windows Virtually. With an emulator like Parallels or Fusion. Here's an article about it.

What Windows Laptop Should I Buy?

MSI Creator

Episode 1847

Evan from West Covina, CA

Ed wants a new laptop for "digital storytelling." He's been using ASUS almost exclusively.  But since Asus has turned to AMD, he's looking for the best Intel option. Leo says that AMD has improved to the point that it's actually better than Intel these days. So he wouldn't let that stop him from getting another ASUS.

The Adobe Creative Suite utilizes Discrete Graphics, which will narrow Ed's choices. The MSI Creator Series is very nice. Get the best graphics card he can afford in it, too. And to use at home, get a good monitor. 

How Can I Install Windows With a Local Account?

Windows Install

Episode 1844

Tom from Carson, CA

Tom called back to update Leo about his inability to create a local account to install Windows 10 on his computer. He was about to get around the limitation by disconnecting his router and turning it off. Being completely disconnected from the network and the internet, WIndows allowed him to create a local account to log into Windows 10. Leo says it's a workaround, to be sure, but it works. Sadly, you won't be able to use it on Windows 11. So enjoy it while you can.

How Can I Make Multiple Computers Look the Same?

Dell XPS Special Computer

Episode 1844

John from Redondo Beach, CA

John has a few Dell computers, and he's trying to make them look the same screen-wise. Leo says that it helps if both are running the same version of Windows. DLL files are what keep the interface as it is. Moving data is easy, but moving the Windows interface with applications, is very difficult as a result. Third-party programs promise to do it, but they never do it right. But you can log into the same Microsoft account on both computers. Copy the data over. And you'll get most of it, except for the apps. You'll need to install those separately. 

Do I Really Need a Microsoft Account for Windows Now?


Episode 1843

Tom from Carson, CA

Tom doesn't like that Microsoft is requiring a Microsoft Account for Windows 11. Leo says that Microsoft really wants users to have an account, but there is a workaround in Windows 10. Tom can create a local account by disconnecting from the internet, and then try creating a Windows account. It will say that something went wrong, and Tom can just SKIP that Window. It should let him use a local account, instead of asking for a Microsoft account. But it will be required in Windows 11 Home Edition and moving forward...except for Windows Pro, which lets him create a local account.

Do ATMs Really Still Use Windows 7?

Windows 7

Episode 1842

Taylor from Austin, TX

Taylor watches videos on TikTok, and he saw a video of an ATM crashing as a woman is making a deposit. When it came back up, it showed that the ATM was using Windows 7. Shouldn't it be more up-to-date? Leo says that some ATMs are still using Windows XP or even CE. But it's Windows embedded, which is designed for special hardware that Microsoft continues to update. Probably more secure than the most current version of Windows 11.

How Can I Roll Back to Windows 7?

Windows 7

Episode 1840

Richard from St. Charles, IL

Richard's friend upgraded his computer to Windows 10. He hates it. Can he roll back to Windows 7? Leo says that there is a limited time to roll back, but he'd advise against it since Windows 7 is no longer supported and is a security risk online. But if you're not planning to connect your computer to the internet, you could reinstall Windows 7 if you have the product key. Here's how -

Why Can't I Overwrite a File in Windows Explorer?

Windows File Explorer

Episode 1840

Alan from North Hollywood, CA

Alan is having issues with File Explorer. It’s preventing him from making a copy of a file. He wants to overwrite a file, not have a new version. Leo says that a recent update may no longer offer the option of overwriting a file. You can do it still, at the command line. There is a “switch” for that. But in the Graphic interface, the behavior seems to have changed and forced versioning. Alan could try r/c on the file and see if the option is there. You can r/c and drag it into the folder. That’s a secret overwrite command.