Why is my hardrive almost full?


Episode 1610

Bob from Woodland Hills, CA

Bob wants to know why Dell tech support has gotten so bad? Leo says that's because computers have gotten so cheap, that any tech support isn't profitable to offer unless it's shipped overeas. You can purchase Gold level support, and that's going to be better, but the sad fact is, that because we want cheaper computers, there ins't going to b e any decent suport. 

How can I find out what files are taking up the most space on my hard drive?

Episode 1303

Chuck from Riverside, CA

Chuck says his hard drive is filling up, and he has no way of finding and deleting the files that are using up the most space. Leo recommends using a free program called WinDirStat, which will give him a visualization of the files taking up space. It will also give him the option to delete files. Chuck should just make sure to empty the Recycle Bin after he deletes files.

How can I find out what's taking up space on my hard drive?

Disk Inventory X

Episode 1290

Aiden from Johanesberg, So Africa

Aiden's SSD drive keeps filling up with stuff and he isn't sure what's using up space. Leo says on the Mac, he should check out Disk Inventory X. It gives him a color based representation of what's using up space and sorting by size. It even gives him the ability to move things to the trash from within the app.

There's a similar program on Windows called WinDirStat.

Why am I running out of hard drive space?

Hard Drive

Episode 1178

Kevin from Spokane, WA

Kevin has an HP laptop with a 500GB hard drive and he's getting warnings that he's running out of space. How can he see what is taking up all that room and what can he get rid of? Leo says he can delete temporary file, because they aren't needed. By implication, that's just a repository to place files temporarily. He'll want to be sure to only delete files when other programs aren't running. He doesn't want to crash out an application that may be using a file in that temp folder.