Is satellite good for internet access?

Episode 1347

Ramona from California

Ramona has discovered that her ISP can't go to the area she's moving to. Is satellite internet a good option? Leo says that satellite is expensive, there's a lot of latency and lag as the signal goes up and back, and it's slow. She wouldn't get much bandwidth either. One provider is a little better than others though, and that's WildBlue Exede. Cable would be much better, and even LTE wireless would be a better option.

Why can't I get satellite internet in my area?

Satellite Dish

Episode 1051

Mike from Albion, ID

Mike wants to get Satellite internet service, but the service says that they don't serve his area. Leo says that's insane if he has access to the Southern sky and live on planet earth. Leo says that WildBlue is a good option. WildBlue works much like DirecTV, from the southern sky. WildBlue's Exceed service is the best out there as far as satellite internet goes, but there is still some latency.

Is satellite internet access viable for rural areas?

Episode 987

Richard from Montana

Richard lives in an area that doesn't give him either broadband or cellphone coverage, and is wondering if satellite internet is a viable option. Leo says if it's all he can get, then that's the only option. The equipment is expensive, though, and the upload speed is very slow. There's latency that's pretty bad so gaming and VOiP such as Skype would be an issue. There's also serious bandwidth caps. If that's not important, then it'll work. Leo recommends Exede, also known as WildBlue.