What's a Good Way to Create a Community for Telling Stories?


Episode 1725

Jay from Providence, RI

Jay wants to create a site that will allow people to create stories about history. Leo says to check out for stories about the original development of the Macintosh. It's a great example of how to tell a story online.

Leo also thinks that a WIKI would be the best and easiest way to go about this, but it will be a huge challenge to moderate. Reddit also has a great subreddit of a community-based Coronavirus news portal -

How Can I Create a Wordpress Database For My Site?


Episode 1685

David from Ann Arbor, Michigan

David wants to create a Wordpress document database. Leo says that there are a lot of options out there. Check out They make a Wordpress plugin. But creating a Wikipedia style database may be easier to do. He can also open it up for family members to add to it. Search for Wiki hosting services. PB Works has been around forever. And he would have complete control over permissions and data. Check out DocuWiki on Synology software.