Is there a Wi-Fi router with a Roku-like function built into it?

Episode 990

Michael from Valley Village, CA

Michael is going with DSL Extreme and he needs a WiFi router for it. Could his old AT&T Wi-Fi modem work instead? Leo says it could act as a router, but it has to have Ethernet into it. He should make sure that he's enabled it for bridge mode. It'll either work or it won't, but Leo says that Michael should just get a wifi router instead. Leo recommends Dlink.

How can I get on WPA2 Wi-Fi on an old laptop?

Episode 966

Dick from Orange County, CA

Dick has a 7 year old ThinkPad, and he can't get on WPA2 Wi-Fi networks. Leo suggests buying a USB WiFi Dongle. That'll take the WPA2 signal for him.

The chatroom says that it's possible to change out the Wi-Fi card on the laptop, but Leo says it's cheaper to go the dongle route. Dick just has to be sure he's using the latest Service Pack of XP (SP3). He'll also get better reception that way.

Will an AntiVirus program be enough to protect me on a shared Wi-Fi network like Starbucks?

Episode 917

Christie from Los Angeles, CA

Public Wi-Fi hotspots aren't as much as an issue with viruses, but there are other concerns. Her computer is wide open for anyone to snoop into. Her passwords could also be grabbed if the online email service she's using doesn't encrypt. A good, safe way is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) like Public VPN.

Is there anything I can do to improve the internet speed on my PS3 through Wi-Fi?

Episode 912

Jeremiah from Simi Valley, CA

Leo would first check to be sure that his parents haven't downgraded to cheaper internet. If it's fast enough when connected with ethernet cable, then there's something wrong with the router. Unless he's far away from the router. One of the problems with WiFi is that less than strong signal does lower the speed.

Should I be concerned about security with open Wi-Fi at a college? (Part 1)

Episode 900

Traci from San Diego, CA

Leo says that colleges are very good with security, but she could use a VPN service like PrivateTunnel which would give her an encrypted tunnel to secure servers that no one would see. Also, for social media, Facebook now supports "https," (as does Google) so she should go into her settings and enable that.

Why won't my husband's laptop connect to our Wi-Fi network with AT&T Uverse?

Episode 893

Monica from Torrance, CA

If everything else is working on that network, then it's clear the laptop is the issue. It's possible that they're using a WPA2 password and the laptop doesn't support that. Since the laptop isn't that old, Leo doesn't think that's it. She is getting signal on the laptop, it's just not connecting to the internet. It could be Internet Explorer. Try another browser like Google Chrome or Firefox. It's also possible that the laptop is mis-configured for the new network. It may also be that malware is causing it, such as DNS Changer.