How can I get messages from iPhone users with my Android phone?


Episode 1216

Peter from Brooklyn, NY

Peter has the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 but he wants to still use his iPhone as well. But because his phone number is registered with iMessages, he can't get the text messages from his Apple friends when he's using his Android phone. Leo says that it annoys him that iMessage isn't cross platform. Peter can go to this site that Apple has set up, input his number, and Apple will turn off iMessage to that number. That way, all the messages he gets will be through SMS.

Governments Use Paris Attack to Justify More State Surveillance


Episode 1153

Using the Paris attack to justify stepping up the intrusiveness of state surveillance, UK Prime Minister David Cameron is calling for and end to any communication that the government is unable to read with a simple warrant signed by the home secretary. Leo says that this can't happen. The US even tried to prevent strong encryption by classifying it as munitions, and it just didn't work because it's really easy to create strong encryption.

WhatsApp Goes Down for a Few Hours

Episode 1060

A few days after Facebook spent $19 billion on the smartphone app WhatsApp, a possible denial of service attack (DDoS) threw it off line for several hours. Leo says that the cost of WhatsApp is "stupid money" that Facebook has, and they can spend on dumb acquisitions and not suffer for it. Meanwhile, former Clinton Secretary of Labor Robert Reich said the deal is "everything that is wrong with our economy." Leo says that Reich really doesn't understand technology or the Internet.

Facebook Buys WhatsApp for $19 Billion


Episode 1059

In one of the largest tech acquisitions of all time, Facebook bought WhatsApp for $16 Billion. $4 Billion in cash now, $3 Billion later and $12 Billion in Facebook stock. Leo says that's more than HP paid for Ross Perot's EDS and makes it one of the most valued tech companies in America...for an app! WhatsApp has 450 million international users, but it isn't really that popular in the US -- yet. It focuses on mobile phone numbers. So there's a reason why it was so attractive.