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Welcome to the New Tech Guy Website!

Episode 897

It's been a long time coming, but Leo has officially launched the new Tech Guy website, redesigned for interaction by you! On the site, you can search by topic, see what station the show is on, find an answer to a frequently asked question (FAQ), and more.

Leo has also given you the option of just lurking and enjoying the content, or signing up and contributing. So if you think you have an answer to a question posed on the show, sign up, comment, and give us the benefit of your wisdom!

Should I use the free website service WIX to create my website?

All 4 LA Tutoring

Episode 887

Juan from Los Angeles, CA

Leo says that WIX looks to use flash primarily and it won’t work on mobile devices. Even Adobe has finally realized that Flash is doomed. So Leo recommends to either choose the HTML5 option instead, or go with another host. But Leo also says that Juan’s existing site is clean, professional and attractive. He should stick with it.

Check out Juan’s Tutoring site at